U.K. Safety Group Made a Motorcycle From Titanium Surgical Body Parts

Because 'Bikes repair easier than bikers'

Motorcycle riders often say their bikes feel like extensions of their bodies—and souls. That notion drives a safety campaign created by FCB London for National Highways in the U.K.

It's centerpiece: a bespoke, fully-functioning bike built from titanium parts and implants used to mend crash victims who suffer grievous injuries.

National Highways

Designed by Old Empire, the bike will tour auto shows and other events, along with riders whose bodies were repaired using the same components.

That's a powerful message: Obey the rules of the road, or risk losing something of your humanity. You could wind up having metal and wire sewn permanently under your skin.

This won't be a cyborg daydream come true. Potentially, we're talking about multiple procedures, lost limbs and constant pain. You may never walk again, let alone ride.

"It's not every day you get an opportunity to create a custom motorbike for a government client, or for any brand really," say FCB creatives Mike Mackenzie and Greg Harvey in press materials. "We knew from the word go that we needed to entice riders to come to us rather than shouting another safety message at them."

The work drops today under the "BikerTek" banner.

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