U by Kotex Creates 'Let's Have Period Sex' Chocolates for Valentine's Day

A sexy sweet collab with Phasey

This campaign from U by Kotex further strives to normalize conversations about periods and—with Valentine's Day around the corner—period sex.

Almost 40 percent of women say having their period would prevent them from having sex on Valentine's Day, even tough 47 percent say their period increases desire.

To help narrow the divide, the women's hygiene brand developed a heart-shaped box contains five "Let's Have Period Sex" chocolates and a supply of Kotex Balance Pads. The truffles were made iwith Phasey and contain Shatavari to boost your libido and help with cramps. Quality Meats helped develop the campaign:

U by Kotex | Let's Have Period Sex

Priced at $35 each, boxes are available at letshaveperiodsex.com for consumers 18 and older.

"Chocolate is culturally considered one of the most satisfying sweet treats and studies have shown it can even alleviate menstrual cramps, which happens to also be a perk of period sex," a brand spokesperson tells Muse. "The partnership with Phasey was very synergistic with our concept. Phasey believes in saying the word 'period' loud and proud, and saying it like it is, just like U by Kotex."

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