Tia Satirizes How Women Are Treated in Traditional Healthcare

Not feeling heard? There's a better way, says the female-focused upstart brand

For most women, finding doctors who really listen and align with their healthcare goals is harder than it should be. Too often, symptoms are glossed over, not taken seriously or flat out ignored.

Tia wants to change that, by offering mental health, primary and gynecological care, as well as wellness treatments like acupuncture, cupping and massage, under one roof. Members can use the health insurance to cover costs or pay set fees for varying services.

To promote Tia, agency Big Spaceship created "Finally, Healthcare That Hears You," a :30 that plays out—in real-world scenarios—how women are often treated in medical settings.

Take the woman who orders a coffee but is given a smoothie and advised to "come back in two weeks if nothing changes." Or the woman whose cracked cell phone isn't fixed, gets charged $150 and is told, "Maybe the problem is in your head."

"Traditional healthcare has been dismissing us for too f*ing long," says a voiceover, and a conveniently timed ring of a bicycle bell.

Tia | Finally, Healthcare That Hears You

"Our approach for this campaign was to bring a bit of absurdist humor to highlight a very serious, even dangerous problem," says Kristen Kriisa, creative director at Big Spaceship. "Traditional healthcare has all too often left women feeling dismissed, guilted and gaslit. When juxtaposed with everyday scenarios, one can realize just how ridiculous and unacceptable this treatment is, yet it's what most women have accepted as the norm from the very people who promised to first do no harm."

Real-life, unpleasant experiences from Tia members served as the inspiration for the campaign, which is running on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, radio and OOH in New York, timed with the openings of Tia clinics in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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"We need more healthcare partners like Tia that understand the specific physical, mental and psychosocial needs of women and can deliver the high-quality care they deserve across their entire lives—not siloed into body parts or life stages," Lindsey Belknap, VP of marketing at Tia, tells Muse. "It's also never been a more important time to protect—and expand—the scope of primary care to ensure women are getting regular, comprehensive preventative care from providers who believe and support women in their choices about their lives and bodies."


Big Spaceship
Cedric Devitt, Chief Creative Officer
Kristen Kriisa, Creative Director
Sayako Minami, Senior Art Director
Megan Williamson, Senior Copywriter
Kelley OHare, Senior Art Director
Kyle Kimball, Senior Copywriter
Jordan Middendorf, VP, Account Management
Jane Valente, Account Director
Ermin Maslic, Account Supervisor
Jordan Makow, VP Production
Sady Cohen, Executive Producer
Dan Bort, SVP Strategy & Analytics
Louise Duvall, Strategy Director
Kate Silva, Associate Analyst Director
Taylor Torok, Strategist
Esther Douer, Analyst

Carolyn Witte, Co-Founder & CEO 
Deborah Singer, SVP Marketing & Communications
Lindsey Belknap, VP Brand & Product Marketing
Allison Ball, VP Creative
Lina Yeh, Sr. Producer 

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