There's No U.S. Paid Parental Leave, So Newborns Better Get Their Sh*t Together

Satirical book series seeks legislative action

Newborns are such unmotivated slackers. They expect their parents to feed, bathe and protect them from harm. What's with that?

Well, 1 in 4 American women must return to work just two weeks after giving birth. In fact, the U.S. lags most other Western countries in providing leave—because there is no specific federal policy.

So, it's about time the kiddos learned to fend for themselves.

Surely they can boil water to prepare formula, handle credit cards to buy diapers and practice avoiding electrical outlets and other household dangers.

And while they're at it, they should learn to read, too.

That's because Paid Leave for All, Glamour and Mother L.A., just launched "Get Your Sh*t Together Baby," a book series providing tips and instructions to help the diaper set become instantly independent. 

Or maybe the volumes actually are designed to raise awareness of the need for paid leave and convince folks to demand action from legislators. That's good too.

Coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the Family and Medical Leave Act, the campaign makes a serious point with equal measures of humor and indignation.

"Every one of us will need to give or receive care in our lives, and paid leave is one of the most impactful and popular policies in the country," says PLA director Dawn Huckelbridge. "The fact that we still don't have it in the United States is not funny—it's tragic."

Celebs like Samantha Bee, Jenna Dewan, Karamo Brown, Kelly McCreary and Sheryl Lee Ralph will read the books aloud across in "storytime" social posts:


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"We want to break through the noise of Washington with comedy, with storytelling, with anger, and with optimism, and this partnership with Glamour aims to do that at a scale we haven't reached before," Huckelbridge says. "The good news is America came within inches of passing paid leave not long ago, and this partnership grew out of our shared passion and goal to finish the job. We plan to harness that momentum and win for working families." 


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David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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