Preacher's New Health Report Is Way More Than a White Paper

Unboxing a calmer, less-stressed you

If 2020 taught us anything, it's to redefine what's important and to improve work/life balance.

Joel Linkewer, a strategist at Preacher, was compiling the Austin-based agency's latest report on health and wellness when he wondered, "What does wellness look like in 2021?"

"Given the past 18 months, we're seeing the health space differently," he tells Muse. This led him down a rabbit hole of new wellness options and the desire to make the report "into tangible objects and offerings."

"There's no shortage of white papers," says Marika Wiggan, co-head of strategy at Preacher. "We tapped into a subculture. Putting out a PDF wasn't enough."

So, rather than just make the typical report, Linkewer created a care package of sorts. What's in the box?

• Preacher's research report booklet, a condensed version of a six-month dive into wellness.
• A ritual candle from Magic Hour, a handmade candle shop based in Portland, Oregon, and run by Bran Taylor, a working-class, queer witch, high priestess, psychic reader.
• A box of Moon Juice adaptogen sachets to help regulate stress hormones.
• A Preacher coloring booklet and crystal-casted crayons, created by the agency's designers.
• CBD pre-rolled joints from Secret Nature.

None of the products are clients; Linkewer says he wanted to "create a platform to elevate brands that were underrepresented or ones we would like to work with in the future."

Preacher made five bags as a proof of concept and presented them to the agency. They were sent to prospective clients, and a subsequent tweet from associate creative director Aisha Hakim garnered additional attention for the wellness packages.

"We were surprised about the reaction," notes Linkewer. "So many people want what's essentially a research report." The report highlights body, mind and spirit trends, and closes with an in-depth glossary of wellness terms.

Preacher has some more assembling to do; given the interest, the agency bought 20 more boxes to distribute.

"There wasn't a specific concrete goal behind this, no RFP," says Linkewer. "We wanted to further the conversation around the world of wellness."

"It helps us create new avenues of communication," says Wiggan. "And we're updating the research report throughout the process." 

Preacher also printed out the trend booklets for employees to have when in-office life eventually returns.

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