The Only Way to Get Dominique Ansel's Latest Treat? Donate Blood

NewYork-Presbyterian's sweet response to seriously low blood supplies

How do you get New Yorkers to donate blood when supplies are dangerously low? Incentivize folks with something they can't get anywhere else.

NewYork-Presbyterian and Havas New York teamed up with Chef Dominique Ansel, creator of the Cronut, to make the 3 Lives Bar. And it's only available to those who give blood. The chocolate bar's name is a nod to how a single blood donation can save three lives. And it wouldn't be the first time New Yorkers waited in line for something limited edition.

"We recognize the ongoing commitment we have to the communities we serve," says Devika Mathrani, client SVP and CMO. "In this case, we wanted to activate quickly to raise awareness about the need for blood donations and encourage New Yorkers to donate now and become regular donors. Only 3 percent of the eligible U.S. population donates blood each year."

Approximately 1,750 bars were created, and will easily best the store-bought cookies and juice typically given after donations. The 3 Lives Bar is made of Valrhona 62 percent dark chocolate, creamy dark-cocoa ganache and a heart-shaped strawberry center.

Here's some lovely footage of the bars being produced:

Those interested in saving lives and scoring a bar can go online to schedule an appointment between March 23-29. The initiative will be promoted via social media, OOH and influencers from the lifestyle and food scene.

"This is the first time NewYork-Presbyterian has engaged an outside partner to do a unique 'drop phenomenon' activation to encourage blood donations," Mathrani tells Muse. We also launched a 'Blood Bags' campaign that illustrates the personal impact that blood donations can have on the people who receive them and depict how those who receive blood go on to experience meaningful moments in life."

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