Northwell Health Made a Documentary Short on Ukraine's Ravaged Healthcare System

'Two Wars' are being battled by many

Battling an illness is stressful. Imagine doing it when your country is under attack.

Close to 100 healthcare facilities in Ukraine have been destroyed since Russia invaded the country, forcing patients to find treatment in safer regions. Northwell Health created "Two Wars," a 13-minute documentary that shows this devastation all too well. Filmed in May and directed by independent film director Rafael Lewandowski, "Two Wars" takes place in Lviv Regional Children's Specialized Clinical Hospital in western Ukraine.

It follows a day in the life of Dr. Natalia Fedyk, a pediatric hematologist treating hundreds of patients on little rest. Some are either too sick to be transported out of the country for further treatment or have complex cases that require additional help.

Two Wars | Northwell Health

Northwell used its Center for Global Health's telehealth capabilities to aid Ukraine's healthcare workers. Within weeks, a countrywide telemedicine support system was built and capable of reaching frontline workers throughout Ukraine. This allows for doctors around the world to help with patient consultations.

The documentary is a part of Northwell's "Raise Health" focus, created by StrawberryFrog.

"We hope that people see the brave doctors and nurses who put the care of their patients above all else," says Scott Goodson, founder and CEO of StrawberryFrog." The healthcare demands during war are impossibly high. With Russia targeting Ukraine's hospitals, clinics, maternity wards and other facilities, the pressure upon the frontline medical staff is unrelenting."

The film will live on, where people can learn more about Northwell's efforts in Ukraine and donate to the Center for Global Health’s Relief Fund. In addition, doctors outside of Northwell can join to help with telehealth consults.

Northwell Health is well known for its creative endeavors. Its innovative work with J. Walter Thompson in creating the first 3D-printed, amphibious, prosthetic leg—allowing amputees the ability to seamlessly navigate from land to water and back—won many top ad awards five years ago.


Scott Goodson, Founder, CEO, StrawberryFrog
Josh Greenspan, Executive Creative Director, StrawberryFrog
James Rogala, Group Creative Director, StrawberryFrog
Brooks Hess, Associate Creative Director, StrawberryFrog
Courtney Harris, Associate Creative Director, StrawberryFrog
Venessa Merrin, Producer, BA Director, StrawberryFrog
Ali Demos, Group Strategy Director, StrawberryFrog
Dan Langlitz, Co-Managing Director, StrawberryFrog
Tegan Smith, Senior Account Director, StrawberryFrog
Holly Sloofman, Account Director, StrawberryFrog
Isabella Novack, Account Executive, StrawberryFrog
Madisen Anderson, Project Manager, StrawberryFrog

Director: Rafael Lewandowski, Director, Film Produkcja
Nicolas Villegas, Director of Photography, Film Produkcja
Grazyna Bastek, Production Director, Film Produkcja
Tomek Krzywicki, Line Producer, Film Produkcja
Jan Boguszewski, Sound Engineer, Film Produkcja
Maria Zuba, Editor, Edit House Human Ark Di

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