MSI, Uncommon Post Some Strong Words on Women's Health

Supporting reproductive rights

In some cases, choices are plentiful. Want bagels on 8th Ave. in NYC? There are so many options, it's tough to pick. Same goes for posh suits available in shops dotting London's Savile Row. 

Such examples drive a press and OOH initiative from MSI, which lobbies for abortion access and provides healthcare services. The work, developed by creative studio Uncommon, points out that folks can sometimes choose from among hundreds (maybe thousands) of possibilities for snacks, clothes, beverages and beauty items along a single thoroughfare.

Access to reproductive services is a different matter altogether. Per MSI, 40 percent percent of women live in countries that ban or restrict abortions—and hundreds of millions struggle with limited access to contraception.

Throughout the campaign, dense blocks of text illustrate a need for compassion and change. By and large, the sheer volume of words tells the story:

"This is a completely new approach for us, but with unprecedented funding uncertainty and an escalation in anti-choice opposition following the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, it’s never been more important to rally others to join us and choose choice," says MSI VP Amanda Seller. "Millions of women and girls rely on the contraception and abortion care that our teams provide to stay in school, follow their dreams and fulfill their potential. We won't let them down."

The push runs through year's end, mainly in London and NYC.

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