McDonald's and Brands Around the World Support Mental Health Awareness Month

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According to the Worldwide Mental Health Foundation, a startling 950 million people are affected by mental illness. It is the leading cause of disability across all ages. And such issues are the leading cause of suicide, now reaching over 800,000 deaths per year. 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Initiatives from around the globe get to the heart of the matter.

Lifeline International, 'The Disappearing Logo'

Membership organization Lifeline International, in association with Thinkerbell in Australia, underscores the grim news that 25 countries still view suicide as a crime. This doesn't create a deterrent, but in fact inhibits people from seeking assistance and hinders support services. Here, Lifeline creates a new organization to tackle this massive global issue: Decriminalise Suicide Worldwide, launched in London by former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Active Minds, 'A.S.K.'

Active Minds partnered with Showtime/MTV Studios to create the platform A.S.K.—"Acknowledge. Support. Keep-In-Touch." The initiative is billed as the "stop, drop and roll" of emotional support. The video promotes interactivity in asking friends for help.

McDonald's U.K., 'The Meal'

The fast-feeder created a hub where children can find a safe space to discuss feelings. As part of the push, McD's removed the smiles from its Happy Meals to jumpstart conversations. The video below, made in collaboration with BBC Children, explains that it's OK to feel sad sometimes. 

Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce, 'Are You OK?'

Scotland's Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce launched the campaign in response to the region's rising suicide rate. A new mental health & wellbeing suicide prevention page was created on the Angus Council's website. 

Seattle Children's Hospital, 'Scary Not Scary'

Indie agency Little Hands of Stone confronts teen suicide in an impactful video:

Cadbury x Alzheimer’s Research U.K., 'Memory Boxes'

The iconic candy brand is celebrating its 200th anniversary, and, working with Alzheimer’s Research U.K. and VCCP London, it distributed 4,000 "Memory Boxes" to patients struggling with dementia. The boxes feature packaging and designs from years past.

Shahnaz Mahmud
Shahnaz Mahmud is a contributing writer to Muse by Clio.

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