McCann Wins 3 Grand Clios in Health for Donate Life California's 'Second Chances'

AMV BBDO's 'Viva La Vulva' picks up two Grands

The 2019 Clio Health winners were unveiled Monday, and leading the way were McCann New York, which won three Grand Clios for its Donate Life California work, and AMV BBDO, which won two for its "Viva La Vulva" film for Essity Libresse/Bodyform. 

A total of eight Grand Clios were awarded. The other three went to UM for the Johnson & Johnson-supported documentary 5B; Cossette for its "SickKids VS: Crews" campaign for SickKids Foundation; and Area 23 for Lartruvo's Get Up Alarm Clock. 

See all the Clio Health winners—including gold, silver and bronze winners, as well as shortlisted honorees—at this link. And see below for more on the Grand winners. 

Donate Life California, 'Second Chances'

Grand Clio, Innovation (Health & Wellness)
Grand Clio, Out of Home (Health & Wellness)
Grand Clio, Partnerships & Collaborations (Health & Wellness)

Entrant Company: McCann New York

Some 95 percent of Americans support the idea of organ donation, but less than half register to receive the "pink dot" on their driver's license to indicate that they're a donor. And in spite of having the greatest number of licensed drivers in the country, California also has the lowest percentage of registered organ donors.

To get more people to become registered organ donors, McCann New York found a way to make the selfless act of registering felt on a personal level since most donors never receive a thank-you from their transplant recipients.

Essity Libresse/Bodyform, 'Viva La Vulva'

Grand Clio, Branded Entertainment & Content (Health & Wellness)
Grand Clio, Integrated Campaign (Health & Wellness)

Entrant Company: AMV BBDO

Just like the client's previous "Bloodnormal" campaign challenged taboos around representing periods, the "Viva La Vulva" campaign confronted taboos around representing vulvas in order to overturn a long history of shame and objectification. 

It included the famous lip-sync music video as well as a slew of activations—vulva mirrors, origami books, GIFS in social, educational content online from The Wonder Down Under authors, print ads tackling the causes and consequences of genital shame, giant vulva murals in public toilets to tackle the gender graffiti imbalance, and a "designer vagina" fashion bursary to celebrate vulvas and wear them with pride.

Johnson & Johnson, "5B"

Grand Clio, Film (Health & Wellness)

Entrant Company: UM

The feature-length documentary 5B, commissioned by Johnson & Johnson, is the inspirational story of everyday heroes, nurses and caregivers who took extraordinary action to comfort, protect and care for the patients of the first AIDS ward unit in the United States. 

5B Official Trailer

SickKids Foundation, 'SickKids VS: Crews'

Grand Clio, Social Media (Health & Wellness)

Entrant Company: Cossette

To find new donors for a new SickKids hospital, Cossette turned existing donors into advocates for the brand by dividing them into crews, based on dozens of real groups in Toronto. The insight was if people identified on a personal level with existing donors, it would be much easier to convince them to join the cause.

The "SickKids VS: Crews" campaign featured hundreds of real donors and their crews, including Toronto-based athletes, media personalities and social influencers to recruit new donors within their crews in support of SickKids using strategically targeted media. From there it caused a chain reaction, turning every new donor into another influencer and advocate for the cause.

Lartruvo, "Get Up Alarm Clock"

Grand Clio, Social Media (Pharmaceutical)

Entrant Company: Area 23

The first challenge patients face is the shock of a soft tissue sarcoma (STS) diagnosis, which emotionally paralyzes them during the very time they need to act. They lose their sense of agency and their sense of self. 

The GET UP Alarm Clock acts as a daily reminder of who they are and why they continue to get up. For people with this disease, staying in the right frame of mind isn't easy. Starting the day by feeling the support of people who care about them can help them tap into their inner strength, and it can make an enormous difference in their emotional health.

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