Last Call: Nominations for Clio Health Innovators Ends April 14

Innovators will be announced at the Clio Health Awards in June

There's only a few more days to submit nominations for the second-annual Clio Health Innovators, celebrating those who work behind the scenes to drive and support creativity at agencies, health brands and wellness organizations.

It's free to nominate someone, and multiple nominations from the same organization are OK. Self-nominations, however, are not. Winners will be announced in May and featured at the Clio Health Awards in June.

Nominees must be health marketing (or marketing adjacent) professionals working at an agency, brand or health/wellness firm. They may be at any stage in their careers. Clio defines such innovators as behind-the-scenes all-stars who contribute to campaigns and communications in meaningful ways.

They can come from practically any discipline, including marketing, creative, strategy, account services, medical, R&D, product innovation, comms, care and engineering. Clio's seeking unsung heroes who deserve to be honored for driving companies forward in this dynamic sector.

Read about last year's innovators here. Know someone who fits the bill? Nominate them here.

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