'Know Yourself' to Catch Breast Cancer Early, Says CoppaFeel

Start by touching, UK charity tells young people

Sometimes, it's all in the name. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and CoppaFeel, a U.K.-based breast cancer charity, is pushing for young people 18-24 to get in touch with their bodies ... by touching their bodies.  

The "Know Yourself" campaign was developed following in-house research from CoppaFeel that found one in five young adults would delay a doctor's visit because of Covid, even if they discovered symptoms that should be examined.

A 60-second ad, created by agency Fold7, is a series of vignettes featuring body exploration.

CoppaFeel | Know Yourself

Beginning with a man looking in a mirror, the ad pivots to a woman looking at moles on her back and a trans man adjusting his binding.

Stomach rubbing, collarbone touching, armpit smelling, butt grabbing, leg hair scratching, and curve caressing round out the spot, which concludes with a woman touching her preventative lumpectomy scar.

"Breast cancer can affect any body. Knowing yours could save your life."

"Coppafeel is all about early diagnosis," Yelena Gaufman, strategy partner at Fold7, tells Muse. "That's a huge point of difference that carries great significance. Young people don't check their boobs because they think they don't know how to. We want to give them confidence by making it feel simple, and part of what they're already doing—getting to know their bodies. Knowing your body and what's normal for you means you can do something if you see a change. Knowing your body puts you in control and hopefully gives you the confidence to advocate for yourself."

The campaign includes print and outdoor elements, where the human body is reminiscent of a landscape map complete with geographical contour lines across the skin. A public exhibit of the photos, taken by photographer Kristina Varaksina on Fujifilm, can be seen at the Fujifilm House of Photography in central London this month.

"This campaign is a celebration of youth, exploration and becoming a student of your own body," says Sinéad Molloy, head of marketing at CoppaFeel.


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Lipstick Selfie: Ellie Goldstein

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