Intimate Health Brand Presents the Naked Truth About Vaginas

Canesten's educational effort counteracts misinformation and unhealthy narratives

Last year, intimate health brand Canesten launched the Vagina Academy in Brazil, Italy and Australia to cover health topics in a shame-free manner that are not taught in traditional education settings.

This year, Canetsen launched "The Truth, Undressed" in the U.K., an education platform concentrating on the health and anatomy of vulvas and vaginas. This includes illustrations, health articles and pictures of vulvas, pubic hair and vaginal discharge to remove the stigma of discussing intimate health.

The platform was conceptualized following U.K. research that found 60 percent of U.K. women find out about vaginal infections only when they get one and 81 percent of U.K. women aged 18-24 believe there should be greater education about vulvas in school.

A 60-second ad on social media explains why "The Truth, Undressed" was created—say goodbye to pictures of objects like oranges and flowers to represent vaginas.

The Truth, Undressed

Instagram ads poke fun at the visual imagery used by the network to illustrate pubic hair and vulvas—cactus spines and orchids.

Truth Undressed | Orchid
Truth Undressed | Cactus

TikTok ads fight disinformation about what a vulva should look like and how to clean a vagina.

Truth Undressed | How Do You Clean A Vagina
Truth Undressed | What Should A Vulva Look Like

" 'The Truth, Undressed' platform aims to share the naked truth about vaginas and vulvas and represent their diversity in terms of skin tones, genders, bodies, shapes (innies and outies) and pubic hair," says Amandine Fabian, creative director of AnalogFolk London, the agency behind the campaign. "We shot a collection of non-sexualized photographs of vulvas purely for education, something which had never been done by a brand before.

"As you can imagine, developing a campaign about a topic so intimate and sensitive is never easy. This campaign took over 14 months to deliver and was unlike any other—from casting our talent based on the cast of their vulva to working on set with an intimacy coordinator. And not showing vulvas on social media meant not showing any of the work done, so we had to be creative."


Campaign title: The Truth, Undressed
Client: Canesten 
Agency: AnalogFolk London
Creative Director: Sara Pouri, Amandine Fabian
Copywriter: Jacqueline Hedge, Tabitha Burns
Art Director: Gracie Hawes
Designer: Eve McQuaid, Liam Thomas, Margaria Iosif, Paul Woodward, Gabriella Renka, Lizzy Davis, Dan Saxton, Nina Pitrakao
Strategist: Vee Lockey, Alisa Maul, Caitlin Liebenberg
Associate Client Partner: Sarah Baumann
Agency Producer: Molly Carter, Jo Charalambous, Natalie Dobbin
Executive Producer: Stuart Pearman, Charlotte Ludlow
Production Company: Untold Fable
Editor: Margaria Iosif
Photographer: Sophie Mayanne

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