Family Caregivers Shine in Quietly Powerful Film From TENA

Created by AMV BBDO and Darius Marder

Incontinence brand TENA shares the joy, pain and transcending love of family caregivers in an initiative breaking today across Europe and Canada.

Developed with AMV BBDO and tagged "No Love Like It," the campaign's centerpiece film, directed by Oscar nominee Darius Marder, strikes a muted, extremely moving tone.

Real people caring for children, parents and spouses tell their stories. The style's straightforward and unadorned, brutally honesty and emotionally fraught. These carers struggle mightily against uncompromising odds, their realities hijacked by forces beyond their control.

"For me to get an eight-hour sleep would be heaven," says Andrew. "But I've still got a 21-year-old [daughter] who wants a cuddle every night. It's very special."

"I do feel lonely sometimes," says Simone, who watches over her husband. He was diagnosed with M.S. shortly after their marriage. "You've got to keep riding the waves no matter what gets thrown at you."

And yet, they perceiver and even thrive—providing better lives for other human beings despite heart-rending circumstances. 

Andrew sums it up: "Phoebe's got potential like any other. We want her to fulfill her life the best she can."

Unpaid caregivers account for 10 percent of the U.K.'s population. Across the world, they've struggled for decades in desperation and anonymity. Lately, however, brands and organizations such as TENA, Teva and the Alzheimers Society have begun driving awareness and understanding of their indispensable contributions.

In many cases, these folks—usually with no medical training—take responsibility for keeping others fed, clothed, bathed, housed and nurtured. Put another way: for keeping someone else alive. They do so selflessly, often enduring terrific stress and financial hardship. Perhaps only laying down one's life constitutes a greater sacrifice.

"We wanted to support them beyond just our products," says TENA global brand communications manager Paul Dennis. "With our #NoLoveLikeIt campaign, our ambition is to recognize their varying experiences and contributions and help to shine a light on something that will be a reality for many of us at some point."


Client: Essity
Brand: TENA (Global)
Campaign title: #NoLoveLikeIt
Client name: Oscar Ayala, Paul Dennis and Emma Ottosson
Creative Agency: AMV BBDO
CCO: Nicholas Hulley and Nadja Lossgott
Creative Director: Jim Hilson
Creative Team: Ben Smith and Dan Kennard  
Agency Planning Team: Tom White and Jack Swain
Agency Account Team:  Anna Covell, Harry Bugge and Phoebe Selby
Agency Producer: Yvonne Chalkley
Media Agency: Zenith
Production Company: Caviar TV       
Director: Darius Marder
Production Co. Producer:  Campbell Beaton/Nisha Mullea   
Edit: The Assembly Rooms/Eve Ashwell
Post-production Company: Glassworks
Sound studio: 750 Sound
Audio Post-production: Twenty Below Music     
PR agency: Ketchum

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