Watch This Ad ... or Its Creators Will Fund an Abortion

Making the choice crystal clear

Abortion foes might want to watch this new PSA supporting women's health rights. Viewers can hit the skip button, of course. But if they do, the ad's makers will fund abortions.

72andSunny developed the campaign, "Made by Choice," for a coalition of brands and nonprofits including Wisp, Abortion Freedom Fund, Plan C and Mayday.

Timed to the 1-year anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade, the work deserves kudos for taking an unexpected tack, and for challenging the opposition head-on.

The :60 opens by explaining, "Skip this ad and we'll provide free family planning medication to someone in need. It's your choice." The video stresses how access to safe reproductive services can bolster communities, families and society at large.

Made by Choice

"Lines have been drawn, and it's hard to get a word in when discussing polarizing topics if you don't already believe the same thing," says 72andSunny executive creative director Elaine Cox. "So, everyone retreats to their own corners, trapped in an echo chamber of their own making, never to reach out to the other side."

"But when we put up walls between ourselves and those with opposing beliefs," she continues, "they exist in a vacuum of information, and we let them make assumptions about reproductive healthcare and the reasons people need it. This campaign is designed to force us together for just a moment, reopen the lines of communication, and share the life changing and life-saving power of access to abortion care."

A downside, perhaps, is that folks on the right might feel forced into watching a message with which they fervently disagree. It's hard to see how a "View this or else!" gambit helps bring combative sides together Or maybe a strong ultimatum's required to shake up the status quo and spark conversation.

At best, a few minds will open, just a crack. Some folks on the fence might consider the broader human cost of the Dobbs decision.

Given the intense nature of this particular subject, we doubt it. But stressing the greater good seems like a prudent path to tread, even if only a few users take the first step.

"We now have the opportunity to completely reimagine what abortion access looks like in this country," says Christie Pitney, executive director of Abortion Freedom Fund. "By calling people in and offering this creative dialogue of the 'Made By Choice' campaign, we can highlight that the pro-abortion movement truly is pro-life and works toward accessible reproductive health and abortion care for all."

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