Droga5 Exalts the Human Body in Eye-Catching Ads for Supplement Maker Thorne

Campaign explores 'The Frontier Within'

Health, the final frontier… 

In its first push for Thorne, a provider of dietary supplements and at-home wellness tests, Droga5 vividly casts the human body's internal systems—respiratory, nervous and circulatory—as limitless territories for exploration.
"Humans have always been driven to explore the ends of the earth, the oceans below, and soaring into the universe above," a youthful narrator says in the colorful, minute-long CGI-fest of a film below. "Yet, for all the great boundaries we've pushed, the one with the most to teach us, is the closest to us. Our health is the next limit to defy. Because the next frontier isn't miles beyond us. It's within." 

Welcome to the Frontier Within

"We were primarily talking to people who are active in trying to be as well and as healthy as they can—people who are interested in any new supplement or means to improve how their body works," Droga5 group creative director Juliana Cobb tells Muse. "The campaign shows the reverence that Thorne has for the human body, seeing it as a beautiful thing to be respected and treasured."

Such themes were on display over the weekend at Studio 525 in New York City's Chelsea district, where the brand invited gallery visitors to take "inner selfies" via sensors that captured biometric data and visualized it on a large screen: 

"Thanks to beautiful music and sound design from Plan8, and a meditative, thought-provoking narration, the user's experience was as spiritual as it is scientific," Cobb says. "People were genuinely moved and uplifted by their experiences." 

For those bodies that couldn't attend, here's a web experience that travels similar shimmering paths. 

Go ahead, share that inner selfie! (Sending snaps of the stuff beneath your skin can't get you arrested. Probably.) 

Kidding aside, the campaign does a fine job of portraying our bodies as mysterious, gorgeous worlds primed for fantastic voyages of discovery—which, of course, they are. 

Even if this concept isn't original—and works best with Raquel Welch as one's traveling companion—there's appealing visual poetry on display, and the idea that one's physiology should be revered from the inside out certainly feels on brand. 

"There's nothing like seeing your body breathing air, circulating blood and working live to make you truly connect with it and appreciate how powerful and beautiful it is," Cobb says. 


Client: Thorne
Campaign: The Frontier Within

Agency: Droga5 NY
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Chief Creative Officer: Neil Heymann
Group Creative Director: Juliana Cobb
Creative Director: Victor Monclus Gonzalez
Creative Director: Ray Smiling
Associate Creative Director: Henry Kember
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Client: Thorne
Chief Executive Officer: Paul Jacobson
Chief Marketing Officer: Michelle Crow
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David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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