Clio Health Call for Entries Reveals the Anatomy of Great Creative

A peek inside Grey Health & Wellness's poster

What does it take to win a Clio Award? It starts with what's inside you.

To highlight Clio Health's new call for entries, Grey Health & Wellness dissected a Clio Award to see what it's made of. The striking image, titled "The Anatomy of Great Creative," shows the inner working of a Clio—look closely for technology parts, organs, and did I spy a Chinese takeout box. There's also a "purpose-powered pump" (heart), "jargon translation tunnel" (brain), "idea protection peripheral vision" and "breast bone of bravery," to name a few.

The creative ends with a call to action: "Show Us What You're Made Of" and the Jan. 13, 2023, deadline. The campaign is running via email, online and Clio social channels.

"We all know it takes something extra inside you to not only craft a winning piece of work in health, but to see it through the process and avoid all the pitfalls that might diminish its creative intent," say Laura Potucek and Josh Eastman, group creative directors at Grey Health & Wellness. "In the health world, when we want to learn more about something, we break it down and dissect it. So we thought, what if we cracked open a Clio Health statue and playfully revealed what it takes to win?"

Once the concept of looking inside a Clio was decided, the agency researched 3D artists and chose Untitled Army to bring the campaign to life "with a mix of boldness, humanity and a dash of 'What the eff were they thinking?' "

Naming the body parts was both the most fun and most challenging part for the group.

"Too many organ ideas, too little time," the pair tell Muse. "We had to strike a balance between pulling in the audience and not overwhelming the page with labels. There was a nod to the unique challenges we face in healthcare advertising, like the self-regulating MLR-teries."


Agency: Grey Health & Wellness
CCO: Tim Jones
Worldwide Chief Creative Officer: Javier Campopiano
Group Creative Directors: Josh Eastman, Laura Potucek, Guy Bricio
Associate Director Copy: Sahar Sehgaal
Associate Director Art: Sttenio Costa
3-D Artist: Untitled Army
Comp Illustrator: Maria Capolongo

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