Bright Idea: This Sunscreen Is Packaged Like Condoms

Men, don't forget to practice safe sun

We're old enough to remember "Wear Sunscreen" from Baz Luhrmann, the 1999 song that became the unofficial anthem for every graduating class that year.

It's main takeaway was to SPF up. Skincare brand Pavise agrees and its latest digital campaign, running on Facebook and Instagram, packages SPF like condoms while encouraging men to "practice safe sun."

Using cheeky lines—like "Protection never felt this good," "Have commitment issues" and "Barely there. Ultra thin. Maximum protection"—ads promote Pavise's "Pleasure Pack," a box of five sunscreen sachets that you can take anywhere—in your pocket, in your wallet.

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"Just like condoms, science, innovation and sun protection can be sexy, fun, indulgent, and desirable," says Sophie Bai, founder of Pavise. "Sunscreen is typically viewed as a very boring category. Many people, especially men, view sunscreen as a beach product that sits on shelves at the drug store with an ugly tube and an undesirable 'sunscreen smell.' We came up with the idea of the Pleasure Pack to target men on the importance, and indulgence side, of sun protection."

The campaign was created in-house and targets mainly millennial men.

"One in five Americans get skin cancer and men are two times more likely to get skin cancer than women due to lack of awareness of daily sun protection," Bai tells Muse. "Aside from being the main culprit behind skin cancer, sun damage causes 90 percent of skin aging."

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