This Brand's Sexual Resolutions Include a Game of Spicy Bingo

#LeVellaUp wants women to level up, downtown

January is the month for resolutions. Lose weight, eat healthier, exercise regularly, finally admit that cheese is your kryptonite.

But what about sexual resolutions? Vella, a women's sexual wellness company, began the new year by normalizing and prioritizing a woman's sexual health with an Instagram bingo challenge. That's a b-i-n-g-Ohhh. The company manufactures a topical pleasure serum that's applied to the inner labia and clitoris, where it relaxes the smooth muscle tissue and increases blood flow.

"We wanted a brand name that was feminine and definitely had a V, given that we are a brand committed to bring science in service of women's sexual health," says Bulbul Hooda, CMO of Vella.

Suggestions on the #LeVellaUp bingo card range from talking dirty to leaving the lights on, sharing a fantasy, trying a new toy, an evening of oral only and using Vella.

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"We chose Instagram as our primary platform for the #LeVellaUp challenge thanks to the nature of 'new year, new me' conversations on the platform in January," says Paula Ersly, head of social strategy at Acadia, the agency that created the campaign. "There are 30-day fitness challenges, reading challenges, or cooking challenges constantly circulating on Instagram. But often, sexual health and wellness is left out of these conversations. We wanted to create a graphic that inspires users to share, save, or send the piece to encourage deeper conversation and engagement. Utilizing Instagram Stories, users can also choose to check their bingo card off as they participate and share it back with the world."

Anyone who comments or shares a post using the hashtag #LeVellaUp will be entered in a contest for free samples. An influencer campaign launches at the end of January, leading up to Valentine's Day.

"The Instagram algorithm isn't always the friendliest to content that speaks so bluntly and openly about sex and pleasure," Ersly tells Muse. "We're taking a risk by being as open as we are on our Instagram account, but we hope that our candor and honesty will reach the women who need it."

In the immortal lyrics of K7: "Come baby come baby baby come come."

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