Brady's 'Safe Stories' Are Packaged in a Book That's Also a Lock Box for Guns

Looking to reduce gun suicide rates

Gun suicides are on the rise, taking the lives of approximately 67 people a day. Often, such tragedies occur when an unsecured firearm is easily accessible. Keeping weapons in a gun safe can help avert disaster by adding time and distance during a moment of crisis.

The latest campaign from the Ad Council, the Brady Center and Dentsu doesn't try to deter people from owning guns. Rather, it encourages owners to always store weapons in a gun safe to prevent suicides and save lives.

"Safe Stories" recounts real events of people whose lives were affected by gun suicide. The text comes bound in a thick storybook. Each volume includes an actual gun safe, where owners can securely place one unloaded handgun.

A husband came close to suicide after an argument with his wife, who was able to diffuse the situation. In another story, a mother lost her son to gun suicide and contemplated suicide herself—she now keeps her firearm securely locked away.

Safe Stories | End Family Fire | Gun Safety

"We want gun owners to see the importance of safe gun storage, by exposing them to real stories of gun owners that contemplated gun suicide or lost a loved one to it," Tim Schoenmaeckers, executive creative director of Dentsu Creative, tells Muse. "There are a ton of options for safe gun storage in the household—from big intricate built-in gun safes to ten-dollar gun locks. That's why we decided to integrate a biometric gun safe to the backend of the book. We strongly believe that combining these stories with a solution can send a powerful message to all gun owners in the U.S. and inspire them to safely store their firearms—locked, unloaded and away from ammunition."


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