Billboard Brazil Celebrates Trans Community With 'Over 30' Issue

Brazil has the highest murder rate of trans people

Lists featuring folks under a certain age are all the rage. But Billboard Brazil created an "Over 30" issue to celebrate a group of people often robbed of the chance to reach their 30th birthday. Brazil continues to rank No. 1 worldwide for trans murders (14 years in a row), with many victims between 18 and 29.

"Over 30," created by Lew'Lara\TBWA and Mynd, aims to battle the transphobia fueling such sad statistics. The content spotlights 30 Brazilians from varying industries.

The January 2024 cover features actress, singer and presenter Pepita; musician Mel Gonçalves; and singer, songwriter, businessperson and teacher Raquel. The complete list can be viewed here.

After an eight-year absence, Billboard returned to Brazil in 2023 "but with a different scenario than when it left, with diversity as an agenda throughout the world," says Thiago Lacorte, creative director of Lew'Lara\TBWA. "Even triggered by a tragic and appalling situation, we made sure to turn this project into a celebration of the creative talents of this community. And there's more to come. The idea is that it will be a permanent event, with celebration and publication of the list every year from now on."

Additional campaign elements include OOH and digital media. There's also a single created by the three performers featured on the magazine's cover. They collaborated with producer and composer Pablo Bispo.


Title: Billboard Over 30
Client: Billboard Brasil
Product: Over 30
CEO: Marcia Esteves
Executive Creative Direction: Rodrigo Tortima e Rodrigo da Matta
Creative Direction: Thiago Lacorte
Art Direction: Thiago Lacorte, Paula Lopes e Caio Gatti
Copywriter: Cristina Prado e Hugo Nery
Consultant and Curator: Ariel Nobre
Managing Director: Evelin Batista
Business Team: Kézia Tonon 
Public Relatuions: Amanda Brandão e Yasmin Zampieri | Alisson Fernández
CDMO: Vicente Varela
Media Team:  Henrique Farias, Mariana Sobreira e Bruna Loredo
BI: Leonardo Cunha e Fernanda Furlan
CCOO: Elise Passamani

Billboard Brasil
Artistic Director: Camila Zana
Artistic Production: Olga Barbosa, Violeta Rodrigues Rivas e Izabelli Potter
Head of Planning: Lucas Almeida
Media: Bárbara Rocha e Etiellen Souza
Public Relations: Alisson Fernández
Editor-in-Chief: Débora Miranda
Senior Editor: Sérgio Martins
Editor: Liv Brandão
Digital Strategy Director: Leandro Carneiro
Special Projects: Carina Liberato
Reporters: Sanara Santos, Bruna Calazans, Guilherme Rocha, Isabela Pacilio, Isabela Pétala, Ludmilla Correia e Yuri da BS
Social Media: Guzmán Novaes
Art Direction: Marcos Artnoc
Design: Eduardo Pignata
Production/ Video: Igor D’Souza, Pedro Amaral Machado e Samuel Fonseca Machado
Photographer: Rafaela Kennedy
Photography Team: Karla Brights e Pedro Jorge
Stylist: Aneco Oblangata e Flora Babylon
Hair & Make: Sasa Ferreira e Raphaela Cruz

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