'Big Tobacco's Fantasyland' Debunked by California Tobacco Prevention Program

Vaping comes with its own list of serious health issues

The California Tobacco Prevention Program is putting Big Tobacco on blast, noting the industry is living in a "Fantasyland" for downplaying the harm that vaping inflicts on bodies.

"Big Tobacco's Fantasyland" is a statewide OOH and TV campaign that debunks the misinformation pushed by the tobacco industry around vaping. Namely, that it is a safer alternative to cigarette smoking.

Outdoor ads from Duncan Channon get right to the point. "In Big Tobacco's Fantasyland, vaping nicotine is soothing. If soothing means amplifying anxiety and depression" reads one ad. Another notes that "vaping is anti-aging because you're more likely to die younger from a stroke."

A TV spot, directed by Emmanuel Adjei, opens with to of Chopin's "Nocturne Op.9, No.2." It presents a dreamlike hotel check-in scenario, centered around a high-end vape pen, and slams the cig industry in no uncertain terms.

CTTP | Big Tobacco's Fantasyland

Duncan Channon has been working with the CTPP since 2014. This brief aims to "expose the tobacco industry's current subversive, manipulative, and deceitful strategies to prey on Californians and make it clear that their solution is no solution," per the agency.

Ads target 18- to 54-year-olds with an emphasis on parents and young adults. They are running in high traffic areas that include California landmarks like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Sofi Stadium and Golden 1 Center.

"When looking at Big Tobacco's shameless attempt at rebranding themselves as champions of public health, we couldn't shake the feeling that they are living in a completely different reality," an agency spokesperson tells Muse. "It was this bizarro reality that we wanted to bring to life. We thought, 'OK let's go directly into this world they are trying to create and expose it as the dangerous place it is."


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