Amnesty Int'l Responds to Roe's Fall With 'The Land of the Unfree' on TikTok

You'll never listen to 'The Star Spangled Banner' the same

Amnesty International knew there was a possibility Roe v. Wade would be overturned prior to the leaked draft and the Supreme Court's official ruling last week. The organization has been working on a campaign concept since Christmas.

"The Land of the Unfree" launched on TikTok days after the Supreme Court's decision.

"We knew we wanted to make a video that could be easily shared," says Klaudia Lech, brand activation manager of Anorak, the agency behind the campaign. "TikTok was a preferred channel because of how it has moved from mainly humoristic content and dance trends to more personal testimonials focused on real emotions. However, we did put a lot of effort into making a good hook for the video in the first few seconds to make it stand out when scrolling. And since TikTok is big about sound, we knew it was a perfect channel for a song-driven campaign."

Directed by Nicolina Knapp and produced by B-Reel Films, the 1:37 video uses a haunting rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner," sung by Emilie Nicolas, to tell the backstory of four women and the ramifications of strict abortion laws.

Viewers can see each woman's raw emotions as America's national anthem is heard. When Nicolas gets to the "land of the free" line, she abruptly stops singing, leaving us in uncomfortable silence. "Free. You're not free when you can't decide your own future," closes the video, along with a call to sign Amnesty's petition to protect abortion rights.

Amnesty International | The Land of the Unfree

"Treating important and sensitive topics like this one is really tricky for filmmakers, especially in advertising," Knapp tells Muse. "Finding the balance between a vulnerable truth and respectful/tasteful storytelling was the biggest creative challenge. This film needed to provoke strong emotional impact to inspire people enough to take action, which requires being very attentive and delicate. Another challenge was making a film that reads like America, but having to shoot it in Stockholm."

The ad will run on digital and social media in more than 10 countries and was translated into six languages.


Creative: Lars Holthe
Creative: Peter Power
Creative: Stein Simonsen
Client Director: Janne Espevalen
Project Manager: Camilla Von Borcke
Brand Activation: Klaudia Lech
Designer: Catrine Kooyman
Motion: Erlend Dal Sakshaug
Motion: Nökkvi Thorsteinsson

Marketing and Fundraising Manager: Camilla Kolverud
Advisor: Kristine Djuvik Kro
Com Director: Sindre Stranden Tollefsen
Com Adviser: Varin Hiwa

Production Company: B-Reel Films
Director: Nicolina Knapp
Director-assistant & SAD: Viviana Figueroa
Executive Producer: Anisa Dzindo
Producer: Fiffi Kjell
Producer: Kim Jansson
DOP: Andreas Johannessen
Set Designer: Angelica Nyman
Stylist: Liselotte Bramstång
MUA: Danella Ericsson 
MUA: Angelique Karlsson 
Editor: Emma Backman 
Colorist: Joakim Rissved 
Sound Design: Ponytail 
Online: Joakim Andreasson 

Music agency & Executive Producer: Ohlogy
Artist: Emilie Nicolas
Artist Management: Little Big Sister
Music Producer: Nils Martin Larsen

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