America's Most Infamous Mask Wearer Wants You to Wear One, Too

Ogilvy Health and Chimney's new PSA

New Yorkers, listen to Gov. Cuomo and wear a mask when you're out in public. And if you won't listen to the governor, maybe listen to ... Jason Voorhees?

Ogilvy Health and Chimney have collaborated on a PSA starring a large man in a hockey mask wandering sadly around New York City. Whenever he goes, people go out of their way to avoid him—probably because he looks like one of the most famous slasher-movie killers ever.

In the end, though, a little girl helps him out as we get a message about why it's important to wear masks, whether you want to or not.


Toby Trygg, executive creative director of Ogilvy Health, tells Muse that he had been eager to respond to Gov. Cuomo's call for PSAs about mask wearing, particularly after seeing McCann Health's entry. Trygg had also been speaking with production company Chimney about doing some sort of creative project in quarantine. Thus, the stars aligned on this PSA project.

"We were finally able to secure a day when cameras, actor, crew and weather were ready, willing and able and so met in front of the Plaza Hotel at 8 a.m. with a full day ahead of us," Trygg says.

They shot in Central Park, in the subway, in front of the library, and down in the Wall Street/Battery Park area. "We also shot in Grand Central, but those shots didn't turn out as good as the ones in the cut," Trygg says.

The guy playing Jason was an actor, but otherwise it's all friends/family.

Director Sam O'Hare used a setup where the team was able to use smartphones as monitors in order to keep social distancing protocols. Post was all done at Chimney, and Sound came courtesy of Sonic Union. 

"I have to give a huge thanks and shout-out to all the talented people who brought this across the finish line," says Trygg. "We are all truly proud of it and thinks it stands out in the sea of creativity we have all seen—and made fun of—during this pandemic."


Director: Sam O'Hare
OgilvyHealth Executive Creative Director: Toby Trygg
Freelance Creative Director: Ace-Henry McEnroe
Executive Producer: Jake Loonan
Head of Production: Julie Hershan
Head of Post: Nicole Melius
Director of Editorial: Glenn Conte
Colorist: Lez Rudge
Conform: Joel Myers
VFX: Felix Thedeby
Mix/Sound Design: Owen Shearer, Sonic Union

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