Women May Find Billie's Board Game All Too Familiar

A journey packed with truth and satire

"Meet the board game you never wanted to play!"

For just under $25, feminine care brand Billie is sardonically selling "No Worries If Not!," a board game designed to play out, with cardboard and dice, all the fun contradictions women are expected to live by. (And which are so superbly described by America Ferrera in her now-viral Barbie monologue.)

In "No Worries If Not!" players race to the fabled Everyone's Happy and No One's Mad Land, while traversing a Fellowship of the Ring-level journey through Judgment Junction, Self-Doubt Spiral, You Look Tired Triangle—and even more harrowing pathways. The trick? To keep from getting knocked off track before time's up.

The game—which builds on Billie's desire to help overturn social expectations for women, per AdAge—has already sold out. Proceeds will be donated to organizations that include Every Mother Counts and Black Girls Code.


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Angela Natividad
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