Samsung's 'Cost of Bullying' Wins a Pair of Grand Clios in Gaming

PlayStation, Xbox campaigns also win Grands

Two of the four campaigns honored with Grand Clios in Gaming this year were purpose-led campaigns—one by Samsung and Cheil dealing with online bullying, and another by Microsoft's Xbox making gaming fully accessible to kids in hospital. The other two campaigns, for PlayStation and the mobile game Free Fire, were more traditional efforts. See all the Grand winners below, and see all the 2022 Clio Entertainment winners here.

Samsung 'The Cost of Bullying'

Grand Clio: Games | Innovation
Grand Clio: Games | Public Relations
Entrant Company: Cheil PengTai Beijing

In China, online gaming has exploded. But so has bullying, with one in two gamers having been bullied at some point when playing online. To combat this, Samsung hacked Magic Quest, the biggest game of the year—monitoring the game's "abusive language detection system" and raising the price of in-game goods for players who are bullying.

Samsung | The Cost of Bullying

PlayStation 'Play Has No Limits feat. Kenshi Yonezu'

Grand Clio: Games | Audio/Visual
Entrant Company: SIX inc.

The Sony PlayStation tagline "Play Has No Limits" was relatively unknown in Japan. To familiarize the market with it, the brand partnered with Kenshi Yonezu—with over 4 billion views and over 6 million subscribers on YouTube, more than any other Japanese musician—who shares an affinity with the PlayStation DNA.

PlayStation launched a branded film and Yonezu's music video, featuring his song "Pop Song" written for PlayStation and an original character designed and portrayed by Kenshi Yonezu himself. The film follows the character who pushes the boundaries by wielding a playful mind rather than weapons, acting out the spirit of "Play Has No Limits."

PlayStation | Play Has No Limits feat. Kenshi Yonezu

Free Fire 'The Real Air Drop'

Grand Clio: Games | Experiential/Events
Entrant Company: AKQA

In the mobile game Free Fire, planes fly by and drop items. This campaign replicated that in real life, using real flight data as well as users' geolocation in real-time. When a real plane flew by their house, a user could point their phone to the sky and collect an airdrop that would go straight to their in-game wallet.

Free Fire | The Real Air Drop

Xbox 'Therapeutic Play'

Grand Clio: Games | Partnerships & Collaborations Campaign
Entrant Company: McCann London

The charity Gamers Outreach partnered with Xbox to create "Therapeutic Play," a reinvention of gaming as a tool to aid recovery for children in hospitals by helping to lower anxiety and stress levels. Xbox, working with McCann London, created The Kart—part console, part hospital equipment, with medical-grade materials for sanitation, ergonomic trays for hospital devices, lift/swivel screen mechanism to help those with impaired mobility and a shape that works with other hospital furniture.

Xbox | Therapeutic Play

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