Reggie Watts Takes a Long, Strange Trip to Introduce Google Stadia

Omelet pushes gaming platform with psychedelic spot

"What's Stadia?"

The short answer is: It's Google's new cloud-based platform that lets users play popular console games on their computers. But Reggie Watts, appearing in Omelet's jokey, visually exhilarating launch spot for the product, doesn't trade in short answers. 

No, siree. Instead, the comedian and musician extolls Stadia's attributes for two full minutes in vivid, compelling detail, leading viewers through an eye-popping, mind-melting, not-so-serious odyssey of Kurbrickian proportions.

Stadia - Official Launch Trailer | Now Available

"Stadia is only the newest, most logic-defying, mind-bending, absurd gaming platform on Earth," he tells some dude who wanders into his consumer electronics shop. 

That's when campy cosmic winds start to howl and both men rise into a freaky-fantastical dimension. 

"Forget boxes," says Watts. "Forget consoles. Just your games, your screens and electric air. And this electric air is Stadia!" 

Iconoclast directing duo Vania & Muggia generate a realm of absurd wonders replete with astronauts, a giant hand, an otherworldly nightclub, rafting excursions through game-worlds … and a cute mutt who will never retrieve Stadia, because Stadia has no smell. 

It's fun stuff that exhaustively explains Stadia's mission in an unexpectedly compelling way. Alas, there's no monolith, but that morphing game-controller is really all you need.

"As lifelong gamers, we immediately understood the change that Stadia brings to gaming," Omelet creative director Josh Smutko tells Muse. "Leaning into the absurdity of it, talking about turning games into air you can play, was something we found early and got very excited about." 

As for the selection of Watts, "we wanted someone both brilliant and absurd, someone who's talented, a creator, entertaining and approachable, someone who signals the future in a self-aware and humble way," says agency creative chief Mike Wallen. "Reggie is basically Stadia personified, and he's also a gamer himself." 

Smutko adds: "At the end of the day, the brief wound up being focused on driving and connecting with internet and gaming culture," with the resulting wild ride "more about going to the source material and participating in the creation of culture, rather than chasing or copying the most viral bits of it."


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