Monopoly Leads to Fighting and That's OK, Say Game's New Ads

KesselsKramer campaign suggests the Hasbro classic teaches real-life lessons

Game night emotions can run the gamut. Players can laugh, cry, storm off, stress eat. Kids, too, cycle through gaming's highs and lows.

Monopoly leans in heavily to the notion that an emotionally charged family game night can actually be good for kids. They can learn how to control their emotions, deal with challenges and accept an occasional defeat. Sure, they might flip a game board like Teresa flipped a table on the Real Housewives of New Jersey first, but character is being built.

An outdoor and online campaign from KesselsKramer for the Hasbro board game Monopoly goes out to all the temper tantrum throwers (between 8 and 12 years old) of the world.

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Outdoor elements are running on the Dutch and Belgian equivalents of Monopoly streets like Boardwalk, Pacific Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue and Park Place.

"More than other board games, Monopoly has the tendency to bring out strong emotions in you—if you're winning, but also if you're losing," say Rens de Jonge and Maartje Slijpen, creative directors at KesselsKramer, and Floor Peters, brand manager of Monopoly Benelux. "That is what makes the photography so recognizable for families with young children: We all fight."

Pics show just that—riled up kids seconds away from throwing dice, clearing the game board and banging on the table. One player even has a single tear rolling down her cheek. Coupled with these images is reassuring copy: "For learning to cope with losing." "For learning how to express emotion." "For learning to let go."

Kids in the campaign were photographed in their homes, with family, and were cast because of their reputation for emotional outbursts.

"We want Monopoly to become more top of mind," the group tell Muse. "Not only to steer consumers from consideration to conversion but also to remind everybody to take Monopoly from their game cabinet more often for an evening of good old fighting."

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