Milka Chocolate Held an Easter Egg Hunt Inside Fortnite This Year

David's first work for the confectioner

Lots of video games have so-called Easter eggs hidden inside them. 

But this year, with millions of people in lockdown, Mondelēz's chocolate brand Milka and creative shop David hid actual Easter eggs in the game Fortnite—extending a tradition virtually after many festive IRL egg hunts were canceled.

The team tapped influencer Maxsialtele to design a simple, fun, visually intriguing experience in the hugely popular gaming platform. Participants hopped through alpine woods and rustic cabins—for many, playing as bunnies felt right for some reason—collecting 15 big-ass hidden eggs as quickly as possible.

Maxsialtele explains it all in the clip below, in Romanian, though the concept of rabbits hunting eggs needs no translation:

Thousands of gamers participated, egged on by messages on Maxsialtele's YouTube channel and Milka's social feeds.

The effort echoes other efforts to keep beloved IRL staples—such as hockey playoffs and rock concerts—alive, in a virtual sense, using the latest technology. It also represents David's first outing for Milka. The brand has produced some notable work in recent years, especially around various holidays. "The Unsung Hero," a 2019 yuletide film developed with Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, serves as a sweet example.

"Due to Covid-19, many brands have had to go online in order to interact with their consumers," notes David executive creative director André Toledo. "However, for this specific campaign, we were more inspired by the heritage of the brand. Milka is a very iconic brand when we talk about Easter. So, we just thought: 'How can we can keep this beloved tradition alive?' And we got the answer in the gaming world."

Moving forward, with some brands under increasing pressure from the pandemic, "the gaming world is going to grow and become a strong point of communication to connect with people," he says.


"The Virtual Egg Hunt"

David Madrid
Global CCO & Partner: Pancho Cassis
Global COO: Sylvia Panico
Executive Creative Director: Saulo Rocha, André Toledo
Creative Director : Fred Bosch, Álvaro Palma
Copywriter: Luis Giraldo, Miguel Ángel Gómez, Guilherme Pinheiro
Art Director: Felipe Antonioli, Mariana Valderrama
Account Director: María García Herranz
Strategy Director: Patricia Urgoiti
Head of Production: Diego Basualdo
PR: Isabel Amaro

WPP Team
WPP Team Lead Milka: Nadia Katsiouli
WPP PMO Lead Milka: Melina Boelen
WPP Global Creative Lead Milka:  Stephan Vogel
WPP Global Strategy Lead Milka: Brian McCarter

Milka, Mondelez
Global Director Milka: Godert Van Den Heuvel
International Brand Manager: Lavinia Ghinescu
Junior Brand Manager: Ana Maria Mircea

Gameset, Poland
Head of Games Marketing: Filip Gapinski
Junior Project Management: Angelika Adamczuk
CEO and Strategy Director: Piotr Bombo

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