Marvel Games ECD Bill Rosemann Picks His 4 Favorite Superheroes

From Spider-Man to The Thing

After working in the universe of comics, and games based on comics, for 25 years—almost all of them at Marvel—Bill Rosemann has come to know scads of superheroes. And he gets the question all the time.

Which characters are your favorites? 

When Muse was out in Los Angeles for Clio Entertainment judging this fall, we asked him the same question. So he gave us his top four choices—characters that, for Bill, embody the Marvel tradition of gritty underdogs and surprising heroes who have relatable struggles and messages that the world can take to heart. 

Check out his picks below, and also see our earlier interview with Bill in which he talks about his career at Marvel and how being a comic book writer and editor translated to the world of gaming. 

Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd is editor in chief of the Clio Awards and the founding editor of Muse by Clio.


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