Jimmy O. Yang Jokes Around With an Xbox Plushie for the Holidays

Unlikely comedy team hypes 'Nowstalgia'

A talking plush Series S gaming console in an Xbox commercial? It better be sassy!

Of course it is, as comedian Jimmy O. Yang discovers in a two-minute film from 215 McCann that's all about "Nowstalgia." Directed in surreal sitcom style by Ryan Staake, the spot seeks to evoke fun memories for Gen Z and lure new gamers to Xbox for Fall Guys, Rocket League, Fortnite and so forth.

Yang's superlative sissy-scream around the :10 mark is worth the price of admission. And his "stunt double," who skulks around aimlessly, nearly steals the show.

Jimmy’s Xbox Series S plushie comes to life! Totally weird or super cute

They work the ad-within-an-ad format for all its worth, with ample jokes and clever touches to please loyal fans and the uninitiated alike. (Those gilded grapes are pure gold!)

This kind of self-aware stuff could've easily gone off the rails—or straight-up sucked from the jump. But it doesn't. In fact, it's pretty great! Yang, of Silicon Valley and Space Force fame, nails the bemused everydude role, generating sublime, silly chemistry with his chatty pliable pal. 

Xbox created limited-edition versions of the cushiony console, complete with Series S audio hype messages. They're earmarked for influencers, because celebrity has its privileges.

Elsewhere, the brand doubles down on "Nowstalgia," sans Jimmy or Plushie, in social videos designed to emulate old-school toy commercials:

Simply the Most Fun - Fall Guys on Xbox Series S

And photographer Jax Navarro, aka @PlaticAction, crafted content with toys and tiny props that capture the essence of classic games:


A post shared by Jax Navarro (@plasticaction)

@plasticaction 🎥 BTS from my latest Rocket League piece for @xbox! #XboxSeriesS #SimplyNextGen #RocketLeague Huge thanks to @urthlings ♬ original sound - Jax Navarro

A post shared by Jax Navarro (@plasticaction)

@plasticaction 🎥 BTS from my Fall Guys piece in collaboration with @Xbox ! My living room was in chaos for a few weeks but it was well worth it! 😂 #XboxSeriesS #SimplyNextGen #FallGuys ♬ original sound - Jax Navarro

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