Heineken Built a Special Fridge Just for Gamers

Keeping your beer—and your PC—at the optimal temp

The latest project from Heineken Brazil and LeGarage, the innovation and gaming hub of LePub, is a beer fridge with PC hardware (motherboard, CPU, graphics and memory) inside. It keeps beer ice cold and the PC from overheating. No need to pause game play for a beverage break when drinks are close by.

"TH3 G4M1NG FR1DG3," a follow-up to Heineken's "Beer Matchmaking," has a custom PC built inside and has the capacity to hold 12-16 bottles, depending on their size.

Heineken | The Gaming Fridge

Part of the global campaign "Not All Nights Out are Out," the FR1DG3 was made from a repurposed Heineken 0.0 fridge. LeGarage created a custom cooling system that maintains a low temp while the PC is used and combined that with forced air circulation to keep condensation at bay.

Ten fridges were crafted so far, with a raffle taking place soon for gamers in Brazil.

"The temperature for both the beer and the PC parts was an absolute priority and challenge at the same time," says Andrey Tyukavkin, global executive creative director at LePub Milan. "We employed active recirculation and deflectors, allowing the fridge to keep beer at two degrees Celsius with the PC working, and around three to four degrees after a long, long session. At the same time, the PC components idle at around 10-12 degrees, and even under a huge load won't go above 40. The dissipation and heat transfer works really well for us."

Heineken partnered with Gaules, Brazil's top Twitch streamer, to host a giveaway among his 4 million followers. The fridge will also make appear on the Brazilian revamped Twitch show "Aprovado," to celebrate Heineken's 150th anniversary.

"Heineken's role on gaming is to elevate social moments and break stereotypes in and around games," Felipe Cury, chief creative officer at LePub Brazil, tells Muse. "And this idea elevates a gaming session between friends, it cracks the bubble of the gaming community and reaches the brand lovers, showing them another angle of the gaming world, also solving a gaming issue: computer heating."


Mauricio Giamellaro Heineken® Brazil CEO
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Mihnea Gheorghiu LePub Global Chief Creative Officer
Felipe Cury LePub Brazil Chief Creative Officer

Andrey Tyukavkin LePub Global Executive Creative Director
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Jussara Bezerra LePub Brazil Executive Media Manager
Gabriela Pereira LePub Brazil Executive Media Supervisor

Alice Di Giosio: Creative Designer
Valentina Trevisanello: Creative Lead
Simone Tecchia: Industrial Designer
Lorenzo Lastrucci: Industrial Designer
David Hartono: Team Lead
Giulia Niccolini: Producer
Davide Grigatti: Producer

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