Gaming Influencers Confronted About Gut Health—by Their Moms, Via Livestream

Is there a right time to talk probiotics?

Talking to your kids about the birds and the bees is awkward. But moms coming in hot to their kids' livestreams to talk gut health? Next level discomfort.

It's no secret that gamers' nutrition often comes from over-processed fast foods. In Brazil, gamers' moms know this all too well. So, a few decided to confront their kids on their level—via Fortnite, Minecraft, Complexo, Zepeto and The Sims 4.

Enterogermina, a probiotic that balances gut flora, tapped MRM Spain to intro the healthcare brand to the gaming world with "Ready Player Mom." This could be the spinoff Ernest Cline didn't know he needed!

Ten moms, one dad and 11 gamers across six different platforms participated. Notable player participants include Scorpio, Cherry Rar, Malena, Flakes Power and Nobru.

"We thought that gaming would be the place to be for Enterogermina, and we tried to tell this in a relevant, engaging and natural way, to start a conversation about gut health and balanced diet," says Felix Del Valle, CCO of MRM.

A :75 starts with moms morphing into avatar versions of themselves—and then the fun begins. The shock, embarrassment and absolute surprise from each gamer is palpable. Lots of "what are you doing here!" combined with moms guilting their kids to eat better.

Ready Player Mom | Enterogermina

"We wanted to talk with targets in a way that no other health brand would do, sincerely and sympathetically, just as a mom that cares for her kids' health in a way that only a mom would do," Del Valle tells Muse. "The livestreams were a lot of fun. One really amazing thing was the reaction of the audience, you could see the reactions in the comments of the people following the livestreams, for a long time the only comments were just 'Haha….'"

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