A Dog Gets to Enjoy Microsoft's Gaming Worlds in Cute Holiday Ad

And 'Dogtopia' in Minecraft actually exists

We had thought most dogs were happily (though sometimes excessively) being tended to during Covid, but apparently some of them are bored out of their minds. Enter Microsoft's holiday commercial from McCann New York, in which a dog named Rufus gets to enjoy Microsoft games—just as his owners have been doing for months—thanks to a timely nap that transports him to fantasy land.

The spot, directed by Noam Murro of Biscuit Filmworks, focuses on Halo, Minecraft and Microsoft Flight Simulator, though we get a glimpse of Microsoft Teams as well. (Apparently, dogs dream of working, not just playing—though perhaps it's just a happy hour gathering.) 

Rufus rolling around on the iconic Windows wallpaper at the end is a nice touch, too.

Microsoft | Find Your Joy (A Dog's Dream)

"This holiday, find your joy," the onscreen text says at the end, followed by the line "See you out there." In this case, "out there" really means the "in here" of gaming worlds—and the whole spot, really, is an ode to virutal fun-having in this time when in-person joy remains largely untenable.

"This year more the ever, we felt it was important to give people a little lift, to remind them that while we are facing a lot of challenges, there are many ways we can connect, be productive and enjoy the time we have at home," says Kathleen Hall, corporate vp of brand, advertising and research at Microsoft.

The campaign is being activated within a few of the featured games, too. Blockworks has released a Dogtopia world as a free download available from Minecraft Marketplace and for Java. Press materials advise you to "run through a colorful bone-shaped forest, where bacon grows on trees and there are never any fleas. This world will be complete with doggie hot air balloons, a mountaintop dog mansion, a fire hydrant fountain, a doggie Mount Rushmore and so much more."


Later this month, Flight Simulator will be decorating 12 cities around the world with holiday lights and magic, a holiday scavenger hunt for every Flight Simulator pilot to enjoy. Also, users will be able to fly the planes from the commercial, too.



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Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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