Ben Stiller, LeBron James, John Travolta and Their Kids Star in Comic 'God of War' Trailer

A group therapy session about how to be more like Kratos and Atreus

Ben Stiller is the Kratos you never knew you needed in MOCEAN's amusing new trailer for the PlayStation game God of War Ragnarök—which also features Stiller's son Quin, as well as LeBron James and his son Bronny, and John Travolta and his daughter Ella Bleu.

The trailer, titled "All Parents Can Relate," is fashioned as a group therapy session and involves Stiller giving parenting advice to LeBron and Travolta—mainly, how they can all strive to be like Kratos and his teenage son Atreus in their own parent/child relationships.

God of War Ragnarök | All Parents Can Relate

" 'All Parents Can Relate' is playfully irreverent, which represents a core tenet of the PlayStation brand," sats Eric Lempel, global head of marketing, Sony Interactive Entertainment. "Ben Stiller dressed up as Kratos, a surprising mix of iconic talent, perfect comedic timing, and the reactions from the kids – all of these elements work together to produce a piece of creative that is unconventional, unexpected, and uniquely PlayStation."

God of War Ragnarök will be released for the PS5 and PS4 on Nov. 9. It's the ninth installment in the God of War series, developed by Santa Monica Studio.

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