From The Willoughbys to Trying, See This Week's Trailers and Posters

Plus, the return of Killing Eve

This week, Hollywood gave us a little of everything: comedy, suspense, animation, and storytelling we can all relate to. 

In a time when many families have never been closer, we got to meet the incredible Willoughby children. Sure, they want to off their parents, but not without reason. Then there was Love Wedding Repeat, which will make your wackiest family wedding feel a bit more reasonable.

Of course, fans went wild for the return of Killing Eve. And speaking of crazy, the trailer for The Great offers a brilliant black comedy take on the rise of Catherine the Great.

Outerbanks took us on a treasure hunt, and those two minutes were the most excellent adventure I've been on in weeks. Then we got a little romance, which is always needed, with Normal People. And to wrap it up, we laughed all the way through the Trying trailer, while even basking in some heartwarming moments.

It was a fun week in entertainment. Here are some of the notable trailers and posters released this week.

The Willoughbys

Trailer Agency: Zealot
Poster Agency: Concept Arts 

The Willoughbys, Netflix's new animated original, is a family adventure unlike any before. Based on the bestselling novel by Lois Lowry, the story follows a group of young siblings who send their neglectful parents on a deadly adventure, or so they hope. The trailer is colorful, humorous and filled with a message we can all relate to—family is what you make it. Check out the character poster as well, which does an excellent job of unpacking the plot in a one-sheet. Meet the Willoughbys on April 22. 

Love Wedding Repeat 

Trailer Agency: Netflix Creative Studio 
Poster Agency: N/A 

Imagine all the things that can go wrong with a wedding, and what you get is Love Wedding Repeat. The trailer for this charming comedy is bold in style, and the music adds to the comedic tension throughout. The poster flips things on its head in a fun and stylish way. Stream Love Wedding Repeat on April 10.

Killing Eve 

AMC & BBC America 
Trailer Agency: Zealot 
Poster Agency: LA 

The trailer for Killing Eve Season 3 is everything fans could hope for. It delivers story, the wit we love so much, and a brilliant build-up of suspense. What's most striking about the trailer is the music and sound design, which will engulf you as you consume it. The key art is also eye-catching. The unique design and bright colors make it hard to look away. Killing Eve returns April 12.

The Great 

Trailer Agency: Motive 

The Great, a historical comedy set in 16th century Russia, which follows the rise of Catherine the Great, looks delightfully entertaining. The trailer's editing drives the humor, as does the lively music. My favorite part is the asterisked copy throughout. This is one you won't soon forget. See The Great on May 15.

Outer Banks

Trailer Agency: Netflix Creative Studio 
Poster Agency: Leroy and Rose 

Outer Banks, a new series, looks at modern-day treasure hunting, and it's as exciting as you might imagine. The trailer is rich with story, character and captivating music. You'll enjoy every second of this adventure. The design of the poster is compelling and creatively reveals the series plotlines. I dig the clever tagline as well. The treasure hunt begins April 15.

Normal People

Trailer Agency: Open Road 

Normal People, a new series from Hulu based on the bestselling novel, follows a complicated romance between two young adults of different social classes as they navigate love and life. The trailer is bewitching, drawing you in deeper with every shot. Most memorable is the music—the string composition heightens the drama with every note. Watch Normal People on April 29.


Trailer Agency: The Refinery

Trying, a new series about the challenges of becoming a parent, looks like a charismatic comedy that will make audiences fall in love instantaneously—the trailer does just that. It's heartwarming and hilarious from the get-go. The editing is spot-on, and it will keep you laughing throughout. Stellar music choice as well. Get to Trying on May 1.

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