'Weird Barbie' From the Movie Is Now a Mattel Doll for Real

They're based on Kate McKinnon's character

Barbie's come full circle. Dolls inspired the mega-hit movie, and now the Warner Bros. flick has generated a limited-edition action figure.

Priced at $50, "Weird Barbie" channels Kate McKinnon's wacky, wise, world-weary character with face decorations, unkempt hair, huge-ass boots and puffy pink sleeves.

"With the latest editions to the collection, we are offering even more ways for fans to immerse themselves in Barbie Land and celebrate the characters and stories they see on screen," says Mattel brand chief Lisa McKnight. "Barbie continues to be the cultural event of the summer, and as we chart Mattel’s path forward, she will continue to serve as an icon of empowerment and inspiration for generations to come."

With seemingly every brand on the planet getting in on the Barbie action, it's only right that the doll's maker should leverage the hype with a tie-in. Pop culture morphs and evolves—consumer demand trumps all.

So far, the film has grossed more than $1 billion worldwide, with Weird Barbie a fave with fans.

Javier Meabe designed the doll. It won't actually ship until May 2014, but Mattel is currently taking pre-orders.

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