From Valley Girl to Love Life, See This Week's Trailers and Posters

Plus, a peek at Peacock's limited series Angelyne

The beauty of entertainment, especially in times like these, is its sweet offer for escapism from our current reality. This week's trailers and posters offered just that—a delightful getaway.

In the case of Valley Girl, Hollywood, Angelyne and Perry Mason, we were able to escape to another era. With Craftopia, we got to escape with creativity, while The Wrong Missy took us away with humor. Not all of this week's escapes were cheerful and funny, but they don't always need to be. Sometimes there are essential lessons to be learned. On the Record and All Day and a Night, served up hard life lessons and realities, but they still took us away from our own, if only for two minutes.

If all that weren't enough, how about a quick getaway with the always witty Anna Kendrick? Is there anyone who can make us feel more grateful for our own awkward dating woes?

Take some time and get away because we can all use an escape from our current reality every now and then. We have the world of entertainment to thank every week for that. Here are some of the latest trailers and posters.  

Valley Girl

Orion Pictures 
Trailer Agency: TRANSIT 
Poster Agency: Blood & Chocolate 

Get ready to go back to the '80s! The trailer for Valley Girl, a musical remake of the '80s cult classic, will totally take you there. Between the music and the graphics, you'll feel like you've arrived smack in the heart of that loud, wild and colorful time. The title treatment in the trailer and poster, mimicking a neon light—is totally rad, right? Return to the Valley on May 8.

On the Record

HBO Max 
Trailer Agency: AV Squad 

The trailer for On the Record is powerful from start to finish. The emotional story of record executive Drew Dixon is expertly paced, drawing you in and then revealing the sad and unsettling truth. What I admired most about the trailer was the placement and inclusion of the review quotes. They don't always work for trailers, no matter how glowing they are, but in this case, between their stylization and the words themselves, they added value and depth. On the Record premieres on May 27. 

All Day and a Night

Trailer Agency: Mark Woollen & Associates 
Poster Agency: N/A 

The trailer for All Day and a Night is as compelling as the story itself. The story follows a young man caught between street crime and fatherhood, similar to his own father's path. The trailer draws you in with the editing pace and cuts to black, building up the tension as well as empathy. The music seamlessly flows into the heart and nature of the story. The tagline used in the trailer and poster is jarring and poetically speaks to the core of the story. The superbly photographed poster serves as a reminder of how little of life is actually black and white. See All Day and a Night on May 1.

The Wrong Missy

Trailer Agency: Aspect 
Poster Agency: Cold Open 

Get ready for a good dose of laughter! The trailer for The Wrong Missy is riotous and reunites some of SNL's beloved alums, David Spade and Rob Schneider. The editing perfectly builds the comedic arc and even manages to add a little heart to the humor. The poster sums up the trailer with some priceless facial expressions from Spade. Meet The Wrong Missy on May 13.

Perry Mason

Trailer Agency: Motive   

HBO is bringing audiences the origin story of the famed defense lawyer Perry Mason. The trailer will transport you to another time and place. Everything about this trailer is driven by style—the lighting, the opening voiceover, the type selection, and most of all, the remarkable jazz. Go back in time on June 21.


HBO Max 
Trailer Agency: AV Squad 

I get that the trailer for Craftopia is geared toward children, but they had my full attention. Yes, glitter does fix everything, and this new series celebrating creativity is the kind of thing more content platforms should be pushing. The trailer is dazzling and colorful and sold me within about 15 seconds. Explore the world of Craftopia on May 27.


Trailer Agency: Buddha Jones

Get ready for the story behind one of the original marketing masterminds, Angelyne. The woman famous for buying up pricey L.A. real estate, her billboards, and driving around town in a pink Corvette is finally getting the star treatment she deserves in a new series from NBC's Peacock. The trailer is as bright and colorful as the icon herself. Get ready for Angelyne later this year. 


Trailer Agency: BOND 

What if you could rewrite history? Ryan Murphy's latest series does just that, and what richer history to toy with than that of Hollywood? The trailer for Hollywood is fun, flashy and as chic as its namesake. The music is upbeat, the wit runs deep, and my absolute favorite part is the black-and-white title treatment at the end—a throwback to the origins. Revisit Hollywood on May 1.

Love Life

Trailer Agency: Buddha Jones 

To the surprise of no one, Anna Kendrick's new series Love Life looks incredidly charming. The trailer is smart and edgy, like the content itself. I admire the sporadic use of split screens throughout, and it's hard not to get down with the musical beat. See Love Life on May 27.

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