From Uncut Gems to El Camino, See This Week's Trailers and Posters

Including the new trailer for The Irishman

Hollywood turned up the intensity this week. You may need to take a walk around the block to slow the adrenaline after you look at this week's roundup of trailers and posters. 

Adam Sandler went gangster, and it turns out it really works for him. Then, just when you thought you've got your dose of gangster fun for the week, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Al Pacino and Harvey Keitel reemerged. They've been doing this for decades, and they're still the baddest in town. 

Then Kerry Washington battled an unjust system and raced against a ticking clock to save her missing son. Mark Ruffalo went rogue trying to take down a corporation that knowingly poisoned an entire town. 

As if that weren't enough, we revisited Vietnam. Watched Batwoman take the streets of Gotham. Hell, even Mark Cuban found himself mixed up in some police drama, And then, the cherry bomb on top—a mysterious El Camino that came rolling into town. 

Who needs cardio when you can watch trailers to get your heartrate blasting? Brace yourself, folks, because here are the action-packed trailers and posters released this week.

Uncut Gems

Trailer Agency: GrandSon
Poster Agency: BLT Communications

Get ready for Adam Sandler like you've never seen him before. The trailer for Uncut Gems is gritty, colorful, intense, and still manages to blend in the classic Sandler wit. Somehow it all fits together like a perfect jigsaw puzzle. The secret is in the editing—it's fast, forceful, and fun when it needs to be. Also, the poster is the perfect example of less is more. It says so much while saying so little. A profound character study. Uncut Gems comes to theaters this December.

The Irishman

Trailer Agency: Open Road    
Poster Agency: Concept Arts

The new trailer for The Irishman has arrived, and wowza, it looks like we are in store for another Scorsese masterpiece. Here's what the trailer gives you—story and character development. In two minutes and 20 seconds, we get a feel for every character—which is brilliantly done through fast and furious cuts that come at you like bullets. The key art gives a nice glimpse into the personalities as well. And of course, the music choice for the trailer can't go unmentioned. It's fun, it's funky, and it sets a tone for what we can expect from the film, which will be released in theaters on Nov. 1 and come to Netflix on Nov. 27. 

American Son

Trailer Agency: GrandSon

The trailer for American Son, based on the Broadway show, is as jarring and thought-provoking as the subject matter itself. Through the unique editing style, which mimics a ticking clock, mixed with the sound design, this 30-second teaser will send you into a panic. To reach that emotional fervor in such a quick ad is pretty remarkable. American Son comes to Netflix on Nov. 1.

Dark Waters

Focus Features
Trailer Agency: Giaronomo
Poster Agency: Eclipse

The trailer for Dark Waters will flood you with disbelief and heartbreak and leave you fighting for breath from the intensity. It's based on the true story of the DuPont chemical company, which knowingly poisoned the water of an entire community, and the one man brave enough to try and take them down. The trailer unfolds like an investigative report, growing more intense with every line. The poster is just as disconcerting. See Dark Waters on Nov. 22.

The Rookie

Trailer Agency: Open Road

The trailer for Season 2 of The Rookie has arrived, and things are heating up. It introduces new characters, new obstacles, and new criminals to chase down. Radiantly woven throughout the trailer are title cards set on a vanilla sky backdrop integrated with sound design to set the pace of action. The alternating focus on sound design and music keep you hanging on until the very last second. The new season of The Rookie premieres Sept. 29.

Danger Close

Saban Films
Trailer Agency: Lost Films

War films are intense by nature, but the trailer for Danger Close will leave you tingling at your fingertips. It's stressful and unforgiving, yet still finds ways to juxtapose beauty into the story through the cinematography and by humanizing folks on both sides of the battlefield. As expected with a war film trailer, the sound design will blow you away. See Danger Close on Nov. 8.


The CW
Trailer Agency: Open Road    
Poster Agency: LA    

If I had to sum up the new Batwoman teaser in one word, I would go with badass. What I love most is the brilliant and bold integration of comic-book stylization in the graphics. This trailer isn't clip-based; it's like flipping through the pages of a comic book. A female empowered one. The poster strikes all the right chords as well—a superhero brought to life—while remaining authentic to the comic feel. See Batwoman take over the cape on Oct. 6.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Trailer Agency: MOCEAN
Poster Agency: The Refinery    

When the trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie dropped this week, the internet exploded like an unstable meth lab. The trailer is mysterious, philosophical, and mostly, addictive. The drug of choice in this particular execution? The song, "Black Water," performed by Reuben and the Dark. It's haunting, like the return of an old ghost. Also, the key art is a gorgeous execution. El Camino cruises to Netflix on Oct. 11.

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