From The Umbrella Academy to Halloween Kills, See This Week's Trailers and Posters

Plus, a look at the NY Times doc Father Soldier Son

This week, entertainment marketing had a heavy focus on family. Maybe the industry was inspired by last week's holiday, or perhaps it's because we've all seen either too much or too little of our families in 2020, depending on proximity. Whatever it was that motivated the work this week, it'll make you feel grateful for the normalcy of your own family problems.

First, we saw the return of one of TV's beloved superhero families with the Season 2 trailer for The Umbrella Academy. Then we saw another family reunited, but here's the twist—Seth Rogen is playing both grandson and long-lost grandfather who was thought to be dead after a pickling accident. The potential humor of that dynamic is endless.

Then we witnessed families being torn apart by crime, mystery, love triangles and American wars. We were also reminded that sometimes our families are our tribes—one tribe bonded by their inability to die, another by their disdain for superheroes.

Last, but never least, we got a tease at the new Halloween film; no series better represents the pinnacle of family dysfunction. Are they brother and sister, are they not? Only John Carpenter really knows.

Gear up for some family comedy and drama because you're in for both this week. Here's a look at some of the latest trailers and posters.

The Umbrella Academy

Trailer Agency: Trailer Park Group
Poster Agency: Size Matters    

The end of the world is upon us, but luckily we have a family of superhero outcasts to save us. Season 2 of the fan-favorite series takes us back in time to 1960s Dallas. The trailer is magnetic with energy and a visual stunner. Most notable is the score by My Chemical Romance frontman and co-creator of the original Umbrella Academy comic books, Gerard Way. His new song "Here Comes the End" injects a dose of adrenaline into the piece. Also, check out the mesmerizing character poster. Its design has 1960s flair and promises the idiosyncrasies that made fans fall in love with Season 1. The Umbrella Academy returns July 31.

An American Pickle

Trailer Agency: Giaronomo

Seth Rogen is bringing Simon Rich's novella to life on HBO Max. Herschel Greenbaum, an immigrant who strives for the American dream, has his life postponed after a freak accident in a pickle factory. When he wakes up, preserved by the brine, 100 years later, he reconnects with his grandson (also played by Rogen), and together they try to restore the family legacy. The trailer is funny while remaining heartfelt. It transitions back and forth between the two time periods without giving away too much, but just enough to excite you with its comedic potential. An American Pickle premieres Aug. 6.

The Kissing Booth 2

Trailer Agency: Aspect    
Poster Agency: InSync Plus    

The 2018 Netflix teen favorite is getting the sequel treatment. The Kissing Booth 2 reunites best friends Elle and Lee in their senior year of high school, while Elle's boyfriend Noah is off at Harvard. New drama and comedy await this quirky bunch. The trailer reignites the charm and charisma of the first film. The music is upbeat, and the editing is playful with mini-montages interjected throughout. The poster design is a play off the original, only this time showing a more mature version of the characters. The Kissing Booth reopens July 24.

Breathe: Into the Shadows

Prime Video    
Trailer Agency: Wild Card Creative Group    
Poster Agency: Cold Open    

Breathe: Into the Shadows is an Indian crime drama about the hunt for a missing girl and the serial killer responsible. The trailer is intense and driven by its sound design, though it's the thrilling combination of mysteries leading back to one killer that suck you in. Check out the chilling poster as well, which breaks apart the killer's mask and leaves the missing child in a fearful and sacrificial placement in the center. The mystery unfolds July 10.  

Father Soldier Son

Trailer Agency: Netflix Creative Studio    
Poster Agency: Blood & Chocolate    

This documentary from The New York Times has been 10 years in the making. It follows an American soldier and his family as they face deployments, life-changing injuries and PTSD. The trailer takes you on an emotional journey. The editing, sound design and pace are remarkable—leaving you with a powerful, heart-wrenching and unforgettable piece of marketing. The poster design is equally compelling, as it embodies a family defined by war and military commitment. Father Soldier Son airs July 17.

The Old Guard    

Trailer Agency: Monster Creative LA            

The newest trailer for The Old Guard balances the action and plot and provides a bit more depth to characters. The sound design and the incorporation of longer cuts really build on the storyline's thrilling nature, which follows a group of mercenaries with a unique ability to come back to life. The Old Guard is available July 10 on Netflix.

The Capture

Trailer Agency: Concept Arts    
Poster Agency: Concept Arts    

The Capture is a thrilling new drama from the soon-to-launch Peacock streaming service. This six-part mystery follows a former soldier who is caught on camera committing a crime—the only problem is, detectives are uncertain if the footage has been tampered with. In this golden age of technology, anything is possible. The trailer is gripping, enticing, and the score builds on the intensity of the story. The poster design does an excellent job of conveying the plot and sparking intrigue. The Capture premieres July 15.

The Boys

Prime Video
Trailer Agency: Buddha Jones

The Boys are back, and these anti-heroes look more chaotic than ever! After a celebrated first season, the tribe of misfits is back to take on the world's superheroes, who aren't actually so heroic. After the brilliant marketing campaign from Season 1, this new trailer didn't disappoint. The editing is fast, fun and frankly remarkable. But it's the music that really ignites the flames on this piece. You first hear the faint melody of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start The Fire" then, then the music comes in full force, and this piece couldn't get any more boisterous. The Boys are back in town Sept. 4.

Halloween Kills    

Universal Pictures    
Trailer Agency: Creature Street

Halloween Kills, the much-anticipated sequel to the 2018 Halloween revival film, is being postponed a year because of Covid-19. Not to fret—the studio and filmmakers were kind enough to give fans a tease of the horrors to come in October 2021. The teaser is short, but that doesn't stop the scares. The inclusion of a chilling mix of the famous score will bring delight to the hearts of my fellow Halloween fanatics out there. Until next year, we'll sit tight and wait excitedly for new pieces of this campaign.

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