From The Trial of the Chicago 7 to The Mandalorian, See This Week's Trailers and Posters

Plus, one final killing spree for The Walking Dead

If you're looking for action, adventure, horror or inspiration, you've come to the right place. The world of entertainment marketing offered it all this week.

First, we got a peek at the new Aaron Sorkin political drama about the deadly protest outside the 1968 Democratic Convention and the trial that followed. The hearings kept Americans on the edge of their couches, and decades later, the story feels like a mirror vividly reflecting our current society. 

Then the spirit of Halloween returned. There were zombies and aliens and monsters, oh my! If that weren't scary enough, we met a group of teenagers tasked with saving the world. The imagination of Hollywood can be quite frightening.

There was also a badass princess ready for combat and an aspiring songwriter battling cancer and adolescent dramas. Of course, the cherry on top of the week was Baby Yoda! Is he going to keep getting cuter every season? Marketing tactic clever, indeed. 

There's lots of fun in store this week. Here are some of the latest trailers and posters. 

The Trial of the Chicago 7    

Trailer Agency: Open Road
Poster Agency: Concept Arts

When a peaceful protest at the 1968 Democratic Convention turned violent, the whole world was watching. This new drama from Aaron Sorkin, which includes an incredible cast—Sacha Baron Cohen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Eddie Redmayne and Michael Keaton—details the trial that followed those events. The powerful trailer unravels the narrative, but it's the sound mixing that keeps viewers on edge. The chanting reminder that "The whole world is watching" transports you into the movement. The poster design smartly demonstrates the subject matter while also speaking volumes to current events and the civil division. See The Trial of the Chicago 7 on Oct. 16.


Trailer Agency: Seismic Productions
Poster Agency: Leroy & Rose

Clouds is a heartwarming tale about a teenage boy battling cancer while also pursuing his dream of songwriting. The trailer tugs at all the heartstrings, but also leaves you feeling inspired. It's not surprising that the trailer music stands out, considering it's a film about music. I like the combination of the trailer's score with original music from the film. The poster captures the character's passion and the inspiring nature of the story. See Clouds on Oct. 16.


Trailer Agency: Open Road
Poster Agency: LA

The trailer for Monsterland, a horror anthology series, is filled with thrills and chills. Most of the trailer is centered around an unnerving monologue as snippets of these horror tales appear before our eyes. Though the visuals can't be credited for all the scares, the amplified sound design is what really sends the shivers down your spine. The motion graphics at the end are a chilling final tough. The poster design is subtle but scary—the secluded street and a young child being lured by a mysterious shadow. I also love how it uses a Halloween-themed color palette without being too obvious. Monsterland premieres Oct. 2.

Save Yourselves!

Bleecker Street
Trailer Agency: Jump Cut
Poster Agency: N/A

When Jack and Su finally muster up the courage to go offline for mental restoration, they reconnect to discover the world has been attacked by aliens. Save Yourselves! looks original, refreshing and appropriate for our social media-obsessed culture. The trailer's editing cleverly illustrates the plot and toes the line between traditional comedy and satire. The poster is equally witty. The comedic layout and design give clues to the story, but the tagline really sells it. Save Yourselves! this October.

The Walking Dead

Trailer Agency: Ignition

It's the beginning of the end for The Walking Dead, and the kickoff teaser is a collage of memories from the last 10 seasons. In a series about the undead, the voiceover monologue, surprisingly, brings on the feels. It's a snapshot of burning memories—seriously, the flaming graphics really light this piece up. The Walking Dead returns for a grand finale in 2021.

The Comedy Store

Trailer Agency: Statement Advertising
Poster Agency: N/A

Documentaries are rarely about delivering laughter, but this one is. The Comedy Store looks at the many legends who caught their break by telling jokes on this famed L.A. stage. The trailer combines historical footage, interviews and amazingly colorful graphics to present an entertaining story about one of comedy's most famous clubs. The poster showcases the many fresh faces that became comedy icons and is just as colorful as the personalities it's highlighting. The series premieres Oct. 4.

The Spanish Princess

Trailer Agency: Zealot
Poster Agency: N/A

The Spanish Princess is back for Season 2, and she's ready for battle. The new season focuses on the princess's desire to defend her country while balancing her feminine responsibility to produce an heir. The trailer is thrilling—providing context, but also delivering action. Most prominent is the score, which drives the intensity of the conflicts. The poster is enthralling in its warm tones, which enrapture the princess, but also exposes the moral dilemma coming this season. The Spanish Princess returns Oct. 11.


Amazon Prime
Trailer Agency: JAX
Poster Agency: Rhubarb Agency

The red-band trailer for Utopia has arrived, and this series is looking more radical than ever. From writer Gillian Flynn, Utopia is about a group of strangers who find hidden government secrets inside a graphic novel. Together they must stop the corruption and save the world. The trailer is a perfect mix of comedy and action, while the music adds energy and a defiant tone to the piece. The new poster features this band of misfits and their fearless leader. The carousel reminds us that the world's future is in the hands of these young adults and the dark tones mock this modern Utopia. The action begins Sept. 25.

The Mandalorian

Trailer Agency: N/A
Poster Agency: LA

The Mandalorian returns, and so does Baby Yoda! The visually stunning trailer doesn't give too much away about the upcoming season, other than Din Djarin continuing his mission to discover the truth behind "The Child." The sound mixing on this piece is out of this world and delivers you into this action-packed galaxy far, far away. The striking poster design, showing Din Djarin and "The Child," is just another reason to be excited for the adventure awaiting us. Season 2 launches Oct. 30.

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