Trailers of the Week: Dora, X-Men and A Revolution on Canvas

Plus, Irish Wish and The Watchers

Here are some trailers that caught our eye this week...

A Revolution On Canvas
Trailer Agency: Revolve Agency

This documentary follows painter and activist Nicky Nodjoumi as he pursues his artwork that went missing when he was forced to flee Iran in 1980. Get the whole picture on March 5.

Trailer Agency: Aspect

Everyone's favorite explorer and her intrepid pals hit the trail again in a new series that brings their far-flung adventures to life through vivid animation. Take the trek in April.

Irish Wish
Trailer Agency: AV Squad

Just in in time for St. Patrick's Day. Lindsay Lohan plays a woman who's best friend is about to marry the love of her life. But a trip to the Emerald Isle changes everything. This one drops on March 15.

The Watchers
Warner Bros. Pictures
Trailer Agency: Buddha Jones

A supernatural horror flick based on A.M. Shine's book, brought to life by Ishana Night Shyamalan in her directorial debut. Dakota Fanning gets stranded in a weird forest inhabited by invisible beings. The scares appear in June.

X-Men ‘97
Marvel Entertainment
Trailer Agency: MOCEAN

Coming on March 20, this series is based on the Marvel classic and revives concepts and characters from the '90s Fox-TV fave. It's nostalgic and topical, with an intriguing retro-throwback visual style.

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