Trailers of the Week: Wednesday Addams, Call Jane, and More

Plus, a look at the HBO doc Katrina Babies

Here are some trailers that caught our attention this week…

Wednesday Addams 

Trailer Agency: Trailer Park 

The Addams family is making their way back to the big screen, but this time all eyes are on Wednesday. Modern-day middle school was no match for Wednesday Addams, so her parents decided to send her to Nevermore Academy in hopes of finding peers who understand her. This new trailer has us excited for this upcoming fall. 

Call Jane 

Roadside Attractions 
Trailer Agency: Seismic Productions

Call Jane is set in 1968 and follows a woman who is unable to safely have her baby, and decides to call Jane in for help. Women banded together as one "Jane" to protect women who needed what their government couldn't give them; this timely film is about the trouble that comes with being brave enough to do what's right. Call Jane will be in theaters Oct. 28. 

Life by Ella

Apple TV+
Trailer Agency: Open Road 

In the sweet trailer for the new series Life by Ella, we catch a glimpse of what life has to offer for a newly cancer-free teenage girl. Throughout the trailer, we see Ella step out of her comfort zone—living her best life and showing those around her they can, too. Life By Ella will be released on Sept. 2. 

Katrina Babies

Trailer Agency: AV Squad 

Hurricane Katrina was one of the most extreme hurricanes the U.S. has experienced, leaving many New Orleans communities completely destroyed and leaving the children to learn to heal through the trauma on their own. This HBO documentary film finally gives a voice to the Katrina babies and frames the disaster the way they saw it through their own eyes and what resilience means to them. Katrina Babies will begin streaming on Aug. 24. 

God's Creatures 

Trailer Agency: N/A

In the eerie new trailer for the film God's Creatures, a mother is reunited with her son, but after feeling like something is different with him, a knock on her door confirms that gut feeling. This mother's world is turned upside as she tries to get to the truth about what happened that night. God's Creatures will be released on Sept. 30. 

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