Trailers of the Week: The Visitor, Reasonable Doubt, and More

Plus, Lyle the Crocodile on the big screen

Here are some trailers that caught our attention this week…

The Visitor

Paramount Pictures
Trailer Agency: Aspect 

The Visitor is an original horror movie about a couple who move to the wife's hometown, where the husband finds a portrait that looks exactly like him. The trailer shows how the film simmers in the creepy before erupting into terrifying as the family's secrets unfold. The Visitor premiers Oct. 7.

Argentina, 1985

Prime Video
Trailer Agency: Wild Card Creative Group

Argentina, 1985 is inspired by a true story about the investigation of Argentina's dictatorship in 1985. The trailer explains the historical significance through the eyes of the prosecutors who overcame a variety of challenges to discover the truth about their country. Argentina, 1985 will be streaming on Prime Video on Sept. 30.

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

Sony Pictures Entertainment 
Trailer Agency: Seismic Productions

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile is a live-action/animated film adapted from the popular children's book. The story follows a young boy who discovers that a crocodile lives in his attic. The trailer shows the excitement of befriending a croc with a heart as big as Lyle's through musical sequences sung by singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes. Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile premiers Oct. 7.

Armageddon Time

Focus Features
Trailer Agency: Ignition

Armageddon Time is a period coming-of-age story about a family pursuing the American dream. The trailer shows the contrast between America in the '80s and the similar struggles Americans still face today while revealing its star-studded cast: Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Strong and Anthony Hopkins. Armageddon Time premiers Oct. 28. 

Reasonable Doubt

Trailer Agency: Trailer Park Group

Reasonable Doubt is a new legal series about a criminal defense attorney who balances her intense work schedule and her dramatic personal life. The trailer uses a remix of Elvis Presley's "Hound Dog" with clips from the first season, highlighting her entertaining everyday life. Reasonable Doubt will be streaming on Hulu on Sept. 27.

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