Trailers of the Week: Squid Game, Goosbumps, Griselda

Plus Miranda's Victim and The Royal Hotel

Here are some trailers that caught our eye this week...

Disney+, Hulu
Trailer Agency: Mark Woollen & Associates

Goosebumps is a 10-episode horror comedy series, based on R.L. Stine's iconic books. The trailer reveals five friends who investigate a decades' old death and unleash supernatural forces. Feel the goosebumps on Oct. 13.

Trailer Agency: MOCEAN

This miniseries tells the story of real-life cocaine trafficker Griselda Blanco. We enter a mystifying world where Griselda, played by Sofia Vergara (Madea Goes to Jail, Modern Family), captivates all those who cross her path. Experience the madness on Jan. 25.

Miranda's Victim
Vertical Entertainment
Trailer Agency: Seismic Productions

Here we have a biopic featured centered around kidnapper Ernesto Miranda. The trailer takes us back to 1963 with an impressive ensemble cast (Abigail Breslin, Ryan Phillippe, Luke Wilson). The case changed the U.S. legal system, Learn more on Oct. 6.

The Royal Hotel
Trailer Agency: Zealot

The Royal Hotel is a psychological thriller, inspired by Pete Gleeson's documentary Hotel Coolgardie. Two Americans backpack through Australia, and things quickly take a turn for the worse. Find out what happens on Oct. 6.

Squid Game: The Challenge
Trailer Agency: GrandSon Creative

Squid Game is back! And this time, it's real. Sort of. This competition is based on Hwang Dong-hyuk's 9-episode series, the most-watched Netflix show of all time. The teaser shows 456 contestants competing in various games to win a prize of $4.56 million. Don't miss the first episode on Nov. 22.

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