Trailers of the Week: Monster Factory, How to Blow Up a Pipeline and Mafia Mama

Plus Silo and Season 4 of Barry
Here are some trailers that caught our eye this week…

Barry, Season 4
Trailer Agency: Big Picture Entertainment

The Emmy award-winning series returns for its final season. Set to the tune of The Walker Brothers' "After the Lights Go Out," the teaser below offers a glimpse of where we left Barry: in prison, struggling with how to cope and deciding what might come next. New episodes launch on April 16.

How To Blow Up A Pipeline
Trailer Agency: AV Squad

How To Blow Up A Pipeline is a heist flick based on the 2021 bestseller of the same name. The trailer reveals a thriller driven by eclectic environmental activists trying to prevent the development of a pipeline in Texas. Is destruction of federal property ever justified? Find out more on April 7.

Mafia Mamma
Bleecker Street
Trailer Agency: Wild Card Creative Group

Mafia Mamma is an action comedy directed by Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight, Prisoner's Daughter). The preview shows Toni Collette playing a woman who discovers her grandfather's true profession. She must decide whether to follow in his footsteps. Mafia Mamma hits theaters on April 14.

Monster Factory
Apple TV
Trailer Agency: The Refinery Creative

Monster Factory is a new documentary series based on the titular wrestling school in New Jersey. The trailer follows head coach Danny Cage and a handful of students as they fight for their dreams. You can start streaming Monster Factory on March 17.

Apple TV
Trailer Agency: MOCEAN

Silo is a new science fiction series based on Hugh Howey's book series, Wool. The trailer shows a dystopian future where humans live underground. When a woman played by Rebecca Ferguson (Mission Impossible, The Greatest Showman) starts questioning why, she uncovers frightening truths. Coming May 5.

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