Trailers of the Week: Mo, Do Revenge, and More

Plus, Emma Mackey stars as Emily Brontë

Here are some trailers that caught our eye this week… 


Trailer Agency: MOCEAN 

Mo Najjar tries to find humor along the way as he tries to navigate a new life in Houston, Texas, as a Palestinian refugee, balance his family and make a living, all while trying to get his U.S. citizenship. This trailer is refreshing and humorous and has us looking forward to the release of the comedy series on Aug. 24. 

Do Revenge

Trailer Agency: Level Up AV 

Nobody does revenge better than heartbroken, angry teenage girls. In the new teaser for Do Revenge, the dark comedy follows Drea and Elanor as they work together to plot against their exes. Keep an eye out for the film as it heads to Netflix on Sept. 28.

Edge of the Unknown with Jimmy Chin

Trailer Agency: Zealot

Edge of the Unknown is all about understanding the physical, mental and emotional barriers that adventure athletes face in order to not only succeed but to survive. This trailer gives us a sneak peek into the depths these adventure athletes are willing to face and what drives them to perfect their craft. Edge of the Unknown, a 10-part docuseries, premieres Sept. 5.

The D'Amelio Show 

Trailer Agency: Create 

The D'Amelio Show is back for Season 2, and this preview is just what we needed. The D'Amelios rose to fame through TikTok, but their reality show gives us a look inside their new stardom. The second season will premiere Sept. 28. 


Warner Bros.
Trailer Agency: N/A

This visually stunning trailer is captivating and transports us back to when a classic piece of literature was born. Emma Mackey stars in Emily as she brings to life one of the most famous authors, Emily Brontë, during her era of finding her voice as she was writing literary classics and the challenges she faced. Emily will be in theaters Oct. 14.

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