Trailers of the Week: Killing Eve, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and More

Plus, a look at A24's intriguing After Yang

Take a look at five trailers that caught our eye this week…

Killing Eve

Trailer Agency: Zealot

The final season of Killing Eve will be here Feb. 4. The trailer hints that this season will be filled with a rush of thrills that will have you on the edge of your seat. 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Trailer Agency: Netflix In-House 

Leatherface has resurfaced and is ready to terrorize once again! Be prepared for Texas Chainsaw Massacre to bring back all those uneasy feelings on Feb. 18. 

After Yang

Trailer Agency: GrandSon Creative 

The sci-fi film After Yang will have you wondering what life is like for an android who craves to have human emotions. This film premired at the Sundance Film Festival and will be available for viewing March 4. 

Halo The Series

Trailer Agency: MOCEAN 

Halo The Series, based on the video game franchise, is the long-awaited action-packed show we have been waiting for. This human versus alien battle will stream on March 24 on Paramount+.

The Cursed

LD Entertainment
Trailer Agency: Zealot

The Cursed takes place in what seems to be a quiet country town, but from this trailer it appears something more dark is going on. Get ready for the scare of the year that will premiere on Feb. 18.

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