Trailers of the Week: A Haunting in Venice, American Born Chinese, Black Mirror: Season 6

Plus Anna Nicole Smith and Lessons in Chemistry

Here are some trailers that caught our eye this week… 

American Born Chinese
Trailer Agency: Zealot

American Born Chinese is an action comedy series based on the 2006 graphic novel of the same name. The trailer shows typical American teenagers who find themselves trapped in a high-stakes battle among Chinese mythological gods. Watch the eight-episode extravaganza on May 24.

Anna Nicole Smith: You Don't Know Me
Trailer Agency: Open Road

An Anna Nicole Smith documentary! The trailer transports us back to the 1990s with this legendary model and actress, who seemed to have the world on a string before her tragic death. The people loved her explain what she was really all about. Meet Anna (aka Vickie) on May 16.

Black Mirror, Season 6
Trailer Agency: Create London

Set to the tune of The Ink Spots’ “I Don't Want to Set The World on Fire,” the teaser reveals unsettling snippets from the highly-anticipated return of the Emmy-winning anthology series. These scenes set the tone for new episodes while reigniting fans' love for the show. Experience the phenomenon in June.

A Haunting in Venice
20th Century Studios
Trailer Agency: AV Squad

A Haunting in Venice is a supernatural thriller based on Agatha Christie’s "Hallowe’en Party." The clip shows a seance, attended by an impressive ensemble cast, including Kenneth Branagh, Kyle Allen, Camille Cottin, Jamie Dornan, Tina Fey and Jude Hill. Who will survive? Attend the haunting on Sept. 15.

Lessons in Chemistry
Apple TV+
Trailer Agency: Tiny Hero

Lessons in Chemistry is a new drama series based on the 2022 book of the same name. The first-look trailer, which balances a classic vibe and modern message, presents Brie Larson (Room, Captain Marvel) playing a disgraced 1960s chemist who creates a cooking show to teach housewives about science. Lessons in Chemistry premieres this fall.

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