Trailers of the Week: Handmaid's Tale, She Said, Bullet Train and More

Plus, a look at Lord of the Rings on Prime Video

Here are some trailers that caught our attention this week… 

The Handmaid's Tale

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Blessed be this day as the teaser for Season 5 of The Handmaid's Tale has dropped! A reimagined version of "Fighter" sets the tone for the story arc, and the intense pace of the editorial, infused with dramatic pauses, reminds us why a good teaser is so effective—it leaves you tingling with excitement. The fight continues Sept. 14.

She Said

Universal Pictures
Trailer Agency: Open Road

She Said follows the journalists who investigated and eventually broke the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment allegations. The powerful trailer interweaves a rich narrative with a dramatic cue, building the story arc and highlighting the tension and urgency the characters face. She Said opens in theaters on Nov. 18. 

Bullet Train

Sony Pictures
Trailer Agency: Create

The action-packed trailer for the star-studded Bullet Train is a thrilling ride! The blend of exhilarating editorial and the rhythmic use of Bee Gees "Stayin' Alive" makes the piece feel like a pulsating adrenaline rush. Bullet Train speeds into theaters Aug. 3.

Five Days at Memorial

Apple TV+

Five Days at Memorial is a miniseries based on a true story about the staff and patients of a New Orleans hospital trapped in the devastating destruction of Hurricane Katrina. The first half of the trailer throws the viewer into the encapsulating fear this staff was facing. The second half raises moral questions no one ever wants to ask themselves. This trailer does an incredible job of creating discomfort and forcing the viewer into the characters' shoes. Five Days at Memorial premieres Aug. 12. 

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

Prime Video
Trailer Agency: AV Squad

A new era is upon us in the Lord of the Rings universe, and fans will likely be delighted with this look at Prime Video's take on the franchise. The trailer is a visual stunner; you don't want to take your eyes off it. Every scene is exquisitely weaved with the beautiful cue creating a bewitching tapestry that ignites the imagination—taking you deeper into this fantastical world. The next trip to Middle-earth begins Sept. 2.

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